News links for Oct. 1 2013 – 2

1. Turkey Sept. 29: Muslims march demanding a recreation of the caliphate. (I think it is high time we marched demanding a new crusade.)

2. Woman in Sudan publicly flogged. (As she seems more worried about keeping her hair covered than not being publicly whipped, I am guessing she is Muslim as are the rest in the video) Story here (And worth the read. Send to every ‘feminist’ you know)

3. Vatican Bank closes four embassy accounts 

The Vatican Bank has closed the bank accounts of four foreign embassies accredited to the Holy See, because of suspiciously large cash withdrawls and deposits in 2011 by the diplomatic missions of Syria, Iran, Iraq and Indonesia.

4. ESW speaks at Warsaw on integration of certain communities at the OSCE Warsaw event.

5. Caribbean states seek slavery reparations from Europe

And they should get them just as soon as Western Europe and North America get reparations for the 1.5 million slaves taken by North African and other Muslim pirates and the grotesque amount of tribute demanded each year by them as well as the thousands of young boys taken as tribute by the Sultan of the muslim caliphate each year.

As soon as we get the trillions of dollars back (adjusted for inflation) maybe we can look at reparations for the other slave trade.

6. Twenty Obama quotes on Islam contrasted with 20 quotes on Christianity.

H/T Fjordman, M and more. Thank you.

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  1. 1/ Of course they want a new Caliphate, what else do you expect from these daleks? There are over one billion of these Angels of Death. They’re not going to be satisfied until Satan’s kingdom rules over the entire planet.
    Exterminate! Exterminate!

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