News links for Oct. 1 2013 – 1

1. Israel: German Islamists helped in Kenya attack

2. Coptic Bishop Escapes Assassination Attempt in Egypt

3. Right-wing coalition for Norway

Erna Solberg said the two-party coalition will include the anti-immigration Progress Party, which has never been in a governing coalition in oil-rich Norway before.

4. Chicago ‘ghost Train’ crash. Some amazing and spooky coincidences 

Potentially complicating the investigation, Kelly tells CBS 2, is word that cameras stationed where the train began its mysterious journey were not functioning Monday morning.

Oh! and check the 8th paragraph in THIS article!

Kelly said the train was parked perhaps a quarter mile beyond the Forest Park station, in a spot where it could not be seen by any commuters or anyone else, including CTA workers, inside the station. He said that it wasn’t until a CTA worker spotted the empty train roll through the station that there was any indication that anything was wrong.


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  1. Church of Sts Sergius and Bacchus in Ma’loula destroyed by militants

    Militants have destroyed the ancient Christian Church of Holy Martyrs Sergius and Bacchus in Ma’loula and have stolen or demolished its world-famous icons. A correspondent of ITAR-TASS agency saw it for himself on September 29.

    This construction, which was the oldest in the Middle East, had been built in the early 4th century. There was a convent here lately; but after the coming of the terrorists and militants of Al-Nusra Front a month ago the sisters found refuge in the Convent of St. Thecla, Equal-to-the-Apostles, where at the present time they are taking shelter from the militants together with 40 orphaned children.

  2. The above will happen here as well. Our identity and culture, Western civilisation itself, rests on Christian foundations. Therefore Muslims will destroy churches and cathedrals, once they have the opportunity. No doubt of it, absolutely certain. Its koran/hadiths mandated.

  3. ITALY – Egyptians, Syrians arrested over Italy migrant drownings

    Italian police on Tuesday arrested five Syrians and two Egyptians suspected of throwing overboard 13 asylum-seekers who drowned while attempting to swim ashore off Italy’s coast, media reports said.

    The suspected people smugglers, aged between 25 and 33, risk being charged with manslaughter and facilitating illegal immigration after reports they forced the victims to jump overboard by whipping them with their belts.

    “It’s the first time we’ve dealt with Syrian smugglers. We’re looking into whether there could be a new organised crime front involving Syrians,” Francesco Marino, head of the police task force in the city of Ragusa, told Italy’s La Repubblica newspaper.,-Syrians-arrested-over-Italy-migrant-dro.aspx

  4. Ashton’s Egypt visit will bring reconciliation ‘progress’

    EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton is expected to meet with Muslim Brotherhood figures during a three-day visit to Cairo, to push for reconciliation with the transitional government.

    […]Sources told Al-Ahram’s Arabic news website that Muslim Brotherhood representatives Mohamed Bishr and Amr Darrag will meet with Ashton during her visit.

    […]Ashton has visited the country twice since Morsi was ousted from the presidency in July. She was one of a number of international envoys who tried unsuccessfully to reduce tensions between the Islamist group and the transitional government over the summer.

    […]The previous Ashton initiative involves the release of Brotherhood members held without charges, a fair trial for those who were charged, and unfreezing the group’s assets, in exchange for the Brotherhood rejoining political life

    […]Ashton will also meet with Salafist Nour Party, according to Reuters’ Aswat Masriya website.

    VIDEO – Ashton urges US to create best ambiance for Iran talks

  5. TURKEY – ANKARA – Hizb ut Tahrir rally calling for the re-establishment of the Islamic caliphate :

    From the liveleak page :

    These kinds of rallies have been growing, not just in turkey, but all over the muslim world, including in indonesia, malaysia, pakistan, bangladesh and ect.
    these kinds of rallies would have never happened in turkey 30 years ago, the fascist secular state would have imprisoned and tortured them, but now these western puppet seculars leaders in muslim world are losing power, and the people are calling for the reestablishment of caliphate, 100 years after it was destroyed.
    this will happen, and it will happen withing the next 10 years if not sooner, and when it does, the west can say bye bye to its military bases and there wont be anymore stealing of rescources

  6. Since the ‘ghost train’ needed a ‘special key’ and the know-how to use it, the field of suspects must be limited to employees and their contacts.

  7. #2 Actions like this will continue and to our great shame the western governments will do nothing.

    #4 I don’t know about now but all engines use to be fitted with a dead man switch, if the engine driver didn’t keep the hand latch closed or the foot pedal all the way down the breaks would engage.

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