News links for Oct 1 2013 – 3

1. 94 YO Muslim woman dead and 70 homes torched in Buddhist riots. (Now the most important thing of course, is to make sure there is no backlash against the Buddhist community, and to make sure every possible bit of anti-Buddhist graffiti that may happen as a result is put on every TV station and newspaper, even if the Buddhists have to write it themselves)

2. More mayhem in Myanmar

     “Four people were reported dead and 50 more were injured by this evening,” said a police officer in Thandwe, about 170 miles northwest of Yangon.

The mobs also burned down at least 100 houses and shops in villages neighboring Thandwe city, he said.

(Remember, the most important thing, no backlash. In fact, the Muslims should pay to have new Buddhist temples erected in Muslim areas to show how tolerant they are)

3. Stephen Coughlin intervention on the importance of defining terms like ‘aggressive nationalism’ when setting up policy to oppose it.

4. ‘My husband treated me as a sex object. He saw marriage as a means to act like a depraved animal’: Yemeni child bride who was married to a man three times her age when she was just ELEVEN

5. Church of Sts Sergius and Bacchus in Ma’loula destroyed by militants

Militants have destroyed the ancient Christian Church of Holy Martyrs Sergius and Bacchus in Ma’loula and have stolen or demolished its world-famous icons. A correspondent of ITAR-TASS agency saw it for himself on September 29.


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  1. As it was as it is? Looks like to me.

    Torture ‘widespread’ in Libyan jails – UN report (BBC, Oct 1, 2013)
    “TTorture and ill-treatment, sometimes resulting in death, is “widespread” in Libyan jails, a new UN report says.

    The report says torture is most frequent used “immediately after arrest and during the first days of interrogation”.

    The UN estimates about 8,000 people are still being held in relation to the 2011 conflict which ended in the overthrow of Col Gaddafi.

    The vast majority are being held without due process, the report says.

    Torture is being used “as a means to extract confessions or other information”, the UN says…”

  2. Dont know about a “spring.” People dying in dozens seems to be a fact.

    Is the Arab Spring moving south? Violent anti-government protests hit Sudan (NBC, Oct 1, 2013)
    “In recent weeks, thousands of protesters have taken to the streets in cities across the East African republic, including in the country’s capital Khartoum, for the most widespread public demonstrations since president Omar al-Bashir seized power in a bloodless military coup 24 years ago.

    Protests quickly escalated from demonstrations over a cut in fuel subsidies to wider dissent against the country’s leadership after security forces killed at least 50 people last week, according to the African Center for Justice and Peace Studies and human rights watchdog Amnesty International.

    Local sources put the death toll much higher, although Interior Minister Ibrahim Mahmoud Hamad said 34 people had died…”

  3. #1 “Political, religious and community leaders need to condemn hate speech,” Jim Della-Giacoma of the International Crisis Group said in a statement.

    “Those who are spreading messages of intolerance and hatred must not go unchallenged.”

    International Crisis Group bills itself as “the world’s eyes and ears for impending conflicts.” It has a $20.5 million annual budget and its CEO is former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbour.

    Its 32-page report on Burma is called “The Dark Side of Transition: Violence Against Muslims in Myanmar” (Yangon/Jakarta/Brussels 1 October 2013)

    The word “jihad” appears twice in the text.

    1st mention:

    There have also been threats of jihad against Myanmar, and plots and attacks against Myanmar or Buddhist targets in the region.

    2nd mention:

    The “969” movement, led by prominent monks including Wirathu and Wimala, has been particularly vocal in its EXTREMIST RHETORIC, including making WILD CLAIMS of a MUSLIM PLOT to take over the country, JIHADI INFILTRATORS and of SCHEMES to pay Muslims for marrying and converting Buddhist women.

    “Objective analysis” is one of the five ways Crisis Group plays a role in resolving conflicts.

  4. Re:#1
    Quote: Many of those targeted have been ethnic Rohingya Muslims, considered by many in the country to be illegal migrants from Bangladesh, though many of their families arrived generations ago

    And that is really the heart of the problem. Western liberalism requires and mandates that all races, cultures and religions are equal. And from that follows, that everyone has the right to settle anywhere they please. And once settled, they have immediate indigenous rights.

    Burmese, like many other people in the world do not subscribe to that view. They see Rohingya Muslims as Bangladeshis by ethnicity and language, and practice Islam. It does not matter that these Muslims have lived in Burma for generations. The fact that they are still Muslims, indicate that they have not integrated with local culture, have made no attempt to do so, and are Bangladeshis in mind and Muslims in heart.

    Burmese Buddhists, looking at the havoc that Muslims have created around the world, destroying and annihilating local cultures, religions and traditions, are quite right in attempting to remove an existential threat.

    Muslims do this all the time They do it quickly and be done with it, knowing that in a few weeks, the news will be old and forgotten.

  5. Syria: Christian bludgeoned to death by Islamist rebels; Muslim friends spared

    A 26-year-old Christian man has been bludgeoned to death by Islamist rebels in a Syrian city under their control.

    Ninar Odisho was killed in al-Thawrah on 21 September. He had gone there with two Muslim friends to safeguard his family’s house and property.

    They were approached by rebel fighters who questioned them at gun point; the two friends were released when the rebels found out that they were Muslims.

    Most Christians were driven out of the city after it was captured by the al-Nusra Front. The militants confiscated their homes and possessions, and threatened them with death if they did not comply with Islamic laws.

  6. Once again Russia is reporting the the attacks on Christians while the west ignores them, history will condemn our media and our governments for not doing something about the religious cleansing of the Holy Land.

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