News links for Sept. 30 2013 – 2

1. Train mysteriously runs loose in Chicago, injuring dozens

(If any researchers read this site, it would be very interesting to see the annual train disasters on earth before and after the publication of the Al-Qeada magazine, ‘Inspire’ came out with the issue that suggested muslims attack trains. That issue was summer 2010.)

2. Turkey to lift ban on Islamic headscarves

Secularists — particularly those in the army — see the headscarf as a symbol of defiance against the strict separation of state and religion, a basic tenet of modern Turkey.

3. Bulgarian Expert Warns of Terror Threat over Refugee Wave

Speaking before Nova TV Sunday, Bulgarian expert, Col Ivan Boyadzhiev, said he learned from two Israeli-based newspapers that Syria had turned into training grounds for terrorists who are been sent across the world.

(Is Obama still backing those guys?)

4. Extreme left wing party, Golden Dawn, (Sorry socialist is left wing no matter what) knew about the killing.

Police on Monday continued their search for the heavy weaponry Golden Dawn members are believed to be keeping in a secret cache somewhere in Attica and raided the homes of lawmakers Christos Pappas, Yiannis Lagos and Nikos Michos, turning up weapons, ammunition and Nazi paraphernalia.

5. Atty General Holder Threatens to Sue Every State that Passes Voter ID Laws

6. American jihadi who threatened Assad with death and was fighting in Syria faced life in jail but was released after a plea deal that allowed him to get out with time served. As they say in Wonderland, “Curiouser and curiouser.”

Famous video of him here:

Recent ABC interview here:

In the clip above he claims he was fighting to give an American style life and freedom to the people of Syria and that the CIA was helping him with weapons. I half believe him. His reason for fighting though, probably had more to do with his conversion to Islam and wanting a caliphate with no freedoms at all. Judge from the clips below.

Here is the RT take on it. That he was working for Al-Qeada and not the CIA. At this stage, I don’t see the difference.

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  1. 6) ~ One man’s Terrorist is another man’s~ Freedom-Fighter/ Patriot/ Mercenary/ Cold-Blooded/ Mad-Dog/ KILLER.

    Alternatively, see this brilliant exposition, which is lengthy, but so stunning you won’t notice:
    “The Mind of the Terrorist: The Psychology of Terrorism from the IRA to al-Qaeda” (1/22/08).
    Speakers on this panel have had extensive experience with the real thing. Looking for common denominators, finding complexities. What attracts a person to a pack of rabid killers? What differentiates the species?

  2. wikipedia lists “rail accidents” going back into the 19th century.

    This is rough, but I counted the numbers of accidents for two periods; 2006-2009 and 2010-2013


    2013…36 thru 30SEP2012 or 45 thru 31DEC2013

    So there has been a much larger percentage of accidents in the second period. An increase of 26.8%

  3. 4 The report is just propaganda. It doesn’t mention the legal status of the firearm which according to other reports the guy had permit for the gun.Considering these guys get regularly attacked by Antifa types a form of self protection and deterrent to protect their families makes sense. Incidentally the man that got arrested for the murder of the antifa guy is charged with man slaughter not for assassination that is spouted by the Lamestreammedia.

    Good article on original meaning of left ,right and Conservatism.

    “Left and right has nothing inherently to do with big government or little government. The axis of difference is not economic, but moral: anti-nationalism versus nationalism. People are naturally nationalistic, so an argument could be made that anti-nationalism could only ever be made effective at the policy level through intrusive government action. Leftism, then, has a more natural tilt towards big government or even totalitarianism than conservatism does”.

  4. #3 The man is right the refugees are flooding the west with terrorists. During WWII refugees were held in refugee camps until their backgrounds could be checked, that way spies and war criminals were weeded out. We need to go back to that program.

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