Kenyan muslim leader says mall attack, right thing to do.

Got to love the honest tard. It should be noted though that his accusations are absurdly false. Somalia etc. which have muslims fighting and killing to force sharia law and an Islamic caliphate are by no means ‘muslims lands’ by a rational definition. Only by an arbitrary one made up by islamic rules for the purpose of islamic global manifest destiny.


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  1. Vladimir Putin would put a pistol against the guy’s head and pull the trigger – then go for lunch. Kenya is not “Muslim Land”, what’s he talking about?

    In the entire Western World, there is not one leader. They are all frightened little career-men, worried about their pensions…

  2. The same day that Golden Dawn are banned the Imams and Mullahs endorse blowing up malls.

    The rule makers are just rubbing our dhimmitude in our faces.

  3. To a legal dummy like me, there doesn’t seem to be any real legal obstacle there. Jihad is treason. Since by definition Islam is always at war, it is always high treason. You can’t aid and abet in that.

  4. Chris Jones:

    Like it or not the western world views the Jihad as a nuisance. Militarily speaking they are right it is nothing more then a nuisance. That is how inept their war is on us. You and I see it as a greater threat because of their potential to do more but 9/11 is the best they have been able to do.

  5. Ox AO

    I agree with you. Jihad, even if the enire Muslim world participated in it in a coordinated way, it would be defeated without any trouble by the West, leave alone if Russia, China and India also responded along with us.

    Jihad is a nuisance. But the growing Muslim population in the West, is a dagger to the heart of the West. How this dagger is neutralised, without compromising our liberal principles, is the question.

  6. At the present time the jihadists are nuisances, well above the level of ants at a picnic but still a nuisance, this will change as 1) the number of Moslems in the west grows and 2) when Iran starts assembling nuclear weapons.

    Militarily speaking even a nuclear Iran can’t defeat the west, they can do massive damage to us and with luck and the right delivery system can make Israel uninhabitable. But enough people in the western nations following Islam can make the western nations ungovernable, this would lead to the implementation of sharia and the destruction of the west. I don’t see the west disappearing but we will be damaged and several of the European nations will for all practical purposes be occupied by Islam.

    Ironically what will probably save the west is the almost certain collapse of the worlds economy, that is when various groups of people will gain enough power to force the De-Islamization of their nations. These nations will then have to help liberate the nations that are occupied.

  7. And maybe – G-d willing – they’ll kill each other off first.

    I was hoping that extremely lethal, rapid onset MidEast flu identified this year would swoop down in time for Rama-dame-a-ding-dong. No such luck.

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