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I wrote this as a comment on another thread here at this site but was made to realize that it should be read by all the regulars and not just the ones who might be notified of new posts to that particular thread (even though there are some funny and interesting posts on that thread) so here it is as a post:


…I should also mention that from time to time, some people have generously helped out with the costs of this site. I want them to know that it is deeply appreciated, not just for the obvious necessity of helping pay the costs of running a site which is under near constant DDOS and other forms of cyber attacks, but because it tells me that people feel it is important work and that I should keep doing it.

I have not taken a break from it that I recall in the roughly 8 years that I have been operating it. When I am not at this, I am working for the money to do it. I might take a short break after I finish all the Warsaw videos, the second of which I should be posting within the hour, we shall see how I feel then, perhaps in a few weeks. But thank you all for your kind words, and some of you for your donations, some of which have been quite generous and all of which are appreciated and even moving.

Many of us have profound differences in general philosophies and would be bickering or indifferent to each other in good times. But the threat facing liberal democracy today supersedes the vast majority of these differences, even if some of us do not think so at times. Ultimately the freedom to disagree, and to disagree without bloodshed or the threat of force of the state is critical to the well being of a democracy, and one that I feel has already been derailed thanks to rules set out for the media which are tantamount to totalitarianism through brute force, in that both are designed to force you to make decisions in keeping with the ideology of the state. One through force, and one through filtering information so your decisions are cookie cutter ones. Less messy than gulags and harder to fight in many ways. Sites like this at least attempt to aggregate information and ‘de-interpret’ it so that one might see the obvious as opposed to the state sanctioned, scrubbing of information might help allow people to actually make genuine personal decisions based on all available information and perhaps allow a place to discuss events and their meanings.

Just looking at the events at the Westgate Mall in Nairobi alone and how Islam was scrubbed from any reportage of it despite the clear slaughter of all non-Muslims by a group dedicated to the imposition if islamic law on all, should be enough to cause us to wonder. There are too many examples to list of course but this is just one from last weekend.

Anyway Thank you all for reading, for your comments, for your kind words and thanks to those of you that were both able and willing to help out with donations large and small. All of it is helpful and all of it is energizing.

Lastly, and on a religious note, I think that we Schrodinger’s Catholics must now recognize the existence of multiple gods. Because when one looks at the world today and how it runs, it can only have been designed by a committee.

Thank you all again and please keep reading and commenting.

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  1. As long as we are rushing tens-of-thousands of Pakistanis, Somalians, Bangladeshis and Iranians into the country, it’s as if there is a huge air-raid siren going off in my head. It’s one thing if the deficit gets too big, or the dollar goes too low, but this flooding of the country with potential conquerors and terrorists has to stop immediately. We are going to find ourselves in a vicious, bloody, genocidal civil war if we do not stop this suicidal practice. We are giving our country away to our enemies.

    The Muslims will congregate in certain cities, have huge families, and then start working toward establishing Sharia law and their own “homeland”. Nothing else is even close to as important as that! If you think differently than I do on, say, the subject of abortion or oil pipelines or native rights, or even if you believe in “climate change”, we can work it out. It’s not going to result in a f&cking war. The current policy on Muslim immigration is!

  2. Chris wrote: The Muslims will congregate in certain cities, have huge families, and then start working toward establishing Sharia law and their own “homeland”.

    Have you noticed that Muslim establish themselves in strength in the capital cities, near airports, around cathedrals, or a major church.

  3. I hear there are lots of great shwarma restaurants in Ottawa. No kidding. There are thousands of Mohammed’s and Aishas working in the Federal Government. They can assure you of your privacy and your security all they like, but if the lovely Amina downloads your file, well, that could end up in the wrong hands no matter how hard they assure you. Girls do Jihad too…

  4. Hello there…..its you know who again…….

    I owe a large part of what I know today because of your blog………for that I am grateful.

    A large part of what I know makes me who I am today…..for that I am grateful.

    What I am and what I know are the forces that guide me and point me in the direction I walk today…..for that I am grateful.

    Keep up your good work……when this is all over…….we can go back to bickering over our petty differences……or perhaps by then….we will have realized that it was our petty differences that placed us in harms way to begin with, and we will put those chains aside…….for a few generations anyway.

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  5. Hi Vlad
    I would like to thank you very much for your fantastic jod done every day in vladtepes blog. Go on and never surrender. We need resistance against islamo-fascism.
    Thank you again
    French Patriot

  6. Depending on which translation of the First Commandment you are reading it says either you shall have no other Gods before me, or you shall have no other Gods besides me. It doesn’t say there are no other Gods, just that we aren’t suppose to worship them.

    Yes the world was designed by committee, and a committee that didn’t get along very well.

  7. Eeyore –
    You’re the one who creates this safe place for all of us to become a community. We really are a mixed bag, but under your watchful eye — together with the big kids around here — we’re as focused as we can or should be.
    You never seem to forget that though pigs may fly, and snow still blows, to ‘let the good times roll’.

    Gratefully as ever, Yucki

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