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5 Replies to “Interesting lecture on leftist and Islamic antisemitism and anti-zionism even by Jews.”

  1. The demonization of Israel is very present in various precious metals and financials blogsites: sgtreport, maxkeiser, don’t tread on me. Two notable evil personalities who constantly demonize Israel are Gerald Celente and Paul Craig Roberts.

    http://www.sgtreport.com, http://www.maxkeiser.com http://dont-tread-on.me/ regularly post bloggers attacking Israel in very cowardly ways who erase my posts. I believe that they are financed partially by muslims.

    You can hear Celente hear saying that the new leader of Iran ” seeks peace on earth “:


    I have emailed him several times that the Bronx where he lives is built on stolen OCCUPIED land. There was a culture there before which was excised to work camps to die. He refuses to respond. Such is the cowardly left. I suspect that the audience of his Trends Journal is primarily angry leftists and muslims.

    If Israel was built on stolen Palestinian land which both he and Roberts say, then so was the USA, Colombia, Canada, Brazil, Peru, Australia, New Zealand,, GIBRALTAR, Falklands, Jamaica, Barbados, etc.

    In the case of Israel, Jews can identify with the events there thousands of years ago. Artifacts have been found which defend a Hebrew, Aramaic and Jewish presence.

  2. The countries where the Arabs live today are built on occupied Israelite land. So the Arabs are the thieves who have stolen Jewish land wholesale.

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