News links for Sept. 24 2013 – 2

1. Patsy film maker, the repository of all of Hillary Clinton’s guilt, to be released from prison. (H/T Richard)

2. Kenyan Foreign Minister: “We Are Not Going to Apologise for Being Friends with Israel” (Kenya shows more integrity than anyone other than Canada it seems)

3. Uniformed police officers steal ‘protect the 2nd amendment’ signs from private property, thereby violating 1st amendment rights.

4. Raymond Ibrahim: Russian Patriarch to Obama – Syria’s Christians Nearing ‘Extermination’

While many were fixated on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s recent letter to the American people, another letter from another Russian leader—this one directly addressed to the U.S. president—was missed…

5. An interesting article about a Jewish man who worked for a free-market economy in Nazi Germany

6. 3 charged in NYC with fighting for al-Shabab terrorist group

Prosecutors in Brooklyn describe the defendants — Ali Yasin Ahmed, Madhi Hashi and Mohamed Yusuf — as “dangerous and influential” members of al-Shabab who were part of an elite unit of suicide bombers. They were captured in Africa last year while traveling to Yemen to team up with the Al Qaeda offshoot there.

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7 Replies to “News links for Sept. 24 2013 – 2”

  1. 3. Your title doesn’t match the story at all. How do you figure Ludwig von Mises was working for a freemarket system in Germany? OH I get it now. He wasn’t working in the free market system he was trying to explain how the free market system superior then the Socialists system before the war.

    Most confusing title

  2. Just watching the South Park Marathon. They skipped over “200” and “201”. That’s the double episode where celebrities try to get the town to hand over Muhamad so they will be protected from mockery. Muhamad is depicicted in a bear costume. In the final scene the bear costume is taken off and we see that it wasn’t even muhamad in the costume.

    The series carried on with an episode that mocks handicapped children. The previous episode showed men using their own scrotums as space hoppers.

    So exposed scrotums and handicapped children are ok for South Park to show but showing a character that actually isn’t even mohamad isn’t ok.

    To be fair they played Imaginationland and Cartoon Wars episodes. But this is still bullshit.

  3. Hey! Don’t blame South park. They actually made 4 episodes that dealt with Islam and the whole Mohamed BS. NO ONE ELSE DID. They are the only pop culture venue on earth that had the guts to deal with the issue head on and Cartoon wars is pure genius, as was the two on Mohamed in a bear costume. Blame Comedy Central or the various TV stations that won’t play them or Netflix but not the only people who actually did risk everything to make a decent mockumentary about Islam and its blackmail.

    If you want those two episodes, I have them and you can get them as part of a torrent from Pirate Bay for all the ‘banned episodes’ and I recommend you do get them and spread them everywhere.

    But don’t blame South Park. At least they made them.

  4. # 3 The blaze made it clear they were trying to discover if the photo was real or a setup, if real the man should be fired.

    #5 When will the papers be translated and published?

  5. I’ve said the exact same thing about them before, that they’ve done more than enough when they didn’t have to do anything. But this is a different circumstance.

    It is fair to blame them in this instance for not playing them as it’s a marathon and just about every episode involves an underlying theme of freedom of speach. It’s from their site, not comedy central. It’s not a huge deal as they played the other episodes I mentioned.

    It’s just a little weak that they didn’t play them in the same marathon in which they played the other episodes and alongside a zillion episodes where the theme of freedom of expression and right to offend is prominant.

    That they aren’t included alongside ALL the other shows makes it look like that’s the one single thing they are afraid of. Not kewl.

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