News links for Sept 24 2013 – 1

1. ‘You are not my wife’: VIA terror suspect refuses to be touched by female officer after court appearance

(Why do prisoners get to refuse anything? Who is whom’s prisoner exactly?)

2. BBC gasses up its taqyyia and kitman machines and hires a few professional janitors and tries to scrub the Islam out of the Muslim slaughters this weekend. WARNING: you may need an anti-emetic before you listen or at least a Gaviscon. the reasoning alone of these apologists can make you profoundly dizzy and no one should operate a motor vehicle or automatic weapon after hearing it.

3. Korea plans giant invisible sky scraper near Seoul airport. What could possibly go wrong? It’s like Korea went from 9-10 2001 to 9-12 2001 directly.

4. Australian media works overtime to scrub the Islamic component out of the Westgate Mall attack and make it a geopolitical matter or possibly one of alienated youths needing an outlet for their social isolation.

Thank you Grace, Pym Purnell, Winds of Jihad


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  1. The scrubbing part is also present in the attempted to “Emmanuel Goldstein” this Lethwaite person. Stick a white face on it and it’s suddenly some sort of devious Imperialist YT intelligence behind it all. Even if she is involved emphasizing her does no good. The problem stems from allowing Muslims from Asia and Africa untrammeled access to our homelands. A few lost souls from our own populations are quite likely to show up in these sorts of terrorist acts because we have allowed ourselves to be cowed back home.

    Not so fast my friends at the DailyMail and the BBC, the gunmen/terrorists/Jihadis are virtually all Arab and Somali. The victims are almost entirely white expats and high profile westernized (i.e. Christian) Kenyans. Let’s look at bodies as they are carried out. It will become clear that this is a mixture of Jihad inspired mayhem and a steaming pile of good old Paleface hating.

  2. Aw, Jeez! Why won’t anybody take the time to just read the Quran? Have we really been that dumbed-down? It says quite clearly, over and over again, to kill the Infidel and steal everything he has – and still they just won’t even look at the book, let alone the Imams who have been directly calling for this violence for decades. Why don’t they put cruise missiles and smart bombs right down the chimneys of the worst offenders? Even I could tell them where to look, and I am absolutely nobody…

    It’s been 12 years since 9/11, for Christ’s sake! You’d think we’d at least be at step one by now. How much longer must we watch these lying media traitors pretend they have no idea at all why these attacks are happening? They’re just playacting. “Oh why, oh why, would a Brit be involved in such a thing?” And then they ask the Kenyan Foreign Minister’s advice, and her name is “Amina Mohammed”. What a joke. It was probably her good friend Raila Odinga who planned the thing in the first place. And the enemy just keeps on winning and winning and winning.

    I don’t suppose it’s possible, is it, that the collective media of the world, that is to say the “mainstream media”, could be secretly owned by Muslim interests? (Tinfoil helmet alert!) That would certainly explain a lot, wouldn’t it. If I were the enemy, and I really and truly believed in the existence of Allah, and I knew guys who could actually come up with endless billions of dollars that they didn’t have to account for, I would consider ownership of the Western mainstream media to be a worthwhile investment and a brilliant piece of psychological warfare. We all know that psychological warfare is Islam’s strong suit – right?…that Allah himself brags about it in the Quran… How else do you explain the way the entire media always covers for these guys? How do you explain that?

  3. Chris Jones.
    Conspiracy theories explain nothing.
    The “mainstream media” is called “mainstream” for a reason. It’s the voice of the intellectual establishment, the existing cultural (philosophical) consensus.
    Of course mohammedans protect and promote their bullshit cult. But how much do you suppose it costs to control (secretly !) the intellectual/cultural trends and political dynamics of the entire Western world, per century ?

  4. Hey, Dan, that’s my line!
    My inner raven gives me the cue [nevermore, nevermore], and I squawk:
    First nuke Iran, then Mecca, then Medina. [caw, caw]

  5. @Kafir Ibn al-Shaitan

    I read your comment at least 10 times, and I cannot make any sense out of it whatsoever. With respect. What are you trying to say?

  6. 4/ Dr. Laura Hammond, MA Anthropology –

    Department of Development Studies
    Centre for Gender Studies
    Food Studies Centre
    Centre for the International Politics of Conflict, Rights and Justice
    Agrarian Change and Development: Research Cluster Member
    Violence, Peace and Development Research Cluster: Research Cluster Member
    Migration, Mobility and Development Research Cluster: Research Cluster Convenor

    “Cluster” being the operative word.

    I had to go back and listen three times to be sure I heard right. She actually says “performative violence.”

    “There’s a lot of bravado, a lot of exaggeration of their own powers, and that’s just part of the nature of this sort of PERFORMATIVE VIOLENCE….”

    Complete with knowing smirks. After this kind of attack on this scale.

    What a sewer the School of Oriental Studies has become. Wait much longer and it’s going to necessary to do some selective bombing of London as well.

  7. Won, Doc C I was going to ignore #4 because it is not new and not news, but not now.

    Food Studies Centre?

    performative violence.?

    Liberals take a word like murder or massacre and the come up with a phrase like “performative violence” to obfuscate or twist words,

    Dr. Laura Hammond went down a dark, deep rabbit hole and she is never crawling out. She went past the even horizon,.

  8. Blue,

    Proper retort would be along the lines of “Correct, I have higher standard”

    Instead, we get:

    Toronto Police spokesman Mark Pugash said there is no policy requiring officers to accommodate such requests, but in this case, the male officer was already in the courtroom and it seemed **the most expedient solution.**

    All this expediency is killing us.

    I thought Dr. Hammond was some species of man when I saw the picture. Androgyny what she put on to enter the Gender Centre, or else what it’s done to her. But she’s definitely down the rabbit hole. I have no trouble imagining her enforcing dogmas like gender-is-an-evil-patriarchal-construct yada yada in Justice, Peace and Food 101.

  9. #4 Muslim in court to female police officer: “You are not my wife.” “I want a man to touch me, not a woman. She is not my wife.”

    What’s the problem?

    The government gave this person a passport with freedom to roam the country and entitlement to all its benefits, knowing his cult. Just like any citizen he is to be treated with respect including his socialist-given extra Diversity Rights over the White-preferenced population for a fairer society.

    He is innocent until proven guilty – for they may have got the wrong lookalike, soundalike, and actalike.

    The court therefore has no jurisprudence regarding cultural and religious beliefs. If someone had claustrophobia, you would have an open air court; an intolerance to germs, a clear-plastic bubble. The mental-wellbeing of the defendants, witnesses, or jury need to be met, if they are able to perform their duties with the best sense of rationality they can bolster. All the court should be interested in, is finding out the truth beyond reasonable doubt for justice to prevail.

    However, when Islam is known by everyone else but the judge to be the guilty third party, somehow, it never goes on trial and the mafia’s words quoted from the dead hand of Mohammad are never read out and challenged, and the decimation of the population continues unabated.

    Charles Manson, who never killed anyone, was considered a dangerous psychological magician who preyed on magnifying the Socialist’s Blind-sided Nihilistic Mind, and imprisoned for life for doing a millionth less.

  10. #1 The man should be charged with resisting the officer.

    Chris Kifar is trying to say that most conspiracy theories fall apart because of the expense, if is expensive to buy the media types. But not near as expensive to buy influence in J schools and get the future reporters taught not to mention Islam.

  11. perfect child

    I used to like CAIR circa 1998 to 2000. They were always on FoxNews. There was some contention, but it looked smooth. Bush courted the American Muslim vote successfully. It all looked like a bright future . 911 came. They were not on fox news so much. The mask slipped.

    I used to like to watch Morgan Freeman narrate Science shows also. Now I cannot stand him.

    These people are freaking ignorant.

    But I bookmarked your link. It is not exactly bed time reading. It is more like reading fairy tales like Little Red Riding Hood except they are not fiction and 9 out of 10 have bad endings.

    But one has to face up to the facts.

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