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14 Replies to “Muslim day parade in New York City 2013”

  1. Hello there….its me again…….Don Laird….

    Incomprehensible,,,,,,,absolutely incomprehensible…..

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta, Canada

  2. I swear. If this was just 40 years ago, about 20,000 furious New Yorkers would be down there with axe handles beating the living shit out of these characters. How dare they wave those Jihadi flags and broadcast those Islamic prayers in the city that they attacked a mere 12 years ago? The men of the Western World have been effectively neutered by the forces of political correctness and are now too wimpy to protect themselves. If they don’t grow some balls, we’re all doomed…

  3. 1. For a moment I thought that man was going to ask the black clad Daleks to smile for the camera

    2. Is that the Black flag of Jihad?

    3. And then we hear the war cry “Allah Ackbar”.

    Over thirty years ago, when Muslim immigration into Britain started in earnest, I predicted these people were going set off bombs in London.

    And twenty years ago, on a visit to St Paul, Minnesota, the sight of Somalis in such a nice place as St Paul, I couldn’t believe that anyone could be so stupid as to voluntarily import the most virulent parasitic culture in the world, into the country.

    There is a reason why Somalis are loathed in all parts of East Africa. Heck, they are even hated by Somalis.

  4. The gang religion of Islam

    Killing non-Muslims is the point of Islam. To the extent that it has any point. That isn’t to say that Islam doesn’t preach the virtues of charity and love for one’s fellow Muslim. It does. But its virtues are not original. Like most of the rest of the framework of it, they are lifted from existing religions.

    When the Sahih Muslim’s Hadith quotes Mohammed as saying, “None of you truly believes until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself”; it’s a distortion of the Christian Bible. And when Obama quotes the Koran as saying, “If any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of a whole people,” it’s an equally shameless plagiarism of the Jewish Talmud.

    Like the Soviet Constitution’s guarantee of freedom of religion, these are nice sentiments borrowed from other people and then not actually put into practice. The Islam that matters is the one that’s put into practice not only at the World Trade Center or the Westgate Mall, but in the everyday lives of people in Egypt, Syria, Iran, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

    Islamic violence we are told is an aberration. But it isn’t. To the extent that Islam is anything, it is violence.


    Like the Mafia, if you are in the family, you leave at your peril. Cosa Sharia would be a better name for Islam. A large fraction of Muslims in Britain are unemployed. They live by conning the taxpayer of tens of thousands each year. Its piracy, but not dishonourable, as it is viewed as Jizya(danegeld), that the kuffar has to pay. .

  5. Ready for yet another WTF moment? Here it comes…

    Quarter of young British people ‘do not trust Muslims’ (BBC, Sept 25, 2013)
    “More than a quarter of 18 to 24-year-olds in Britain do not trust Muslims, a BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat poll suggests.

    Of the 1,000 young people questioned, 28% said Britain would be better off with fewer Muslims, while 44% said Muslims did not share the same values as the rest of the population.

    Some 60% thought the British public had a negative image of Muslims.

    An adviser on anti-Muslim hatred said the findings suggested young people needed to mix more.

    Akeela Ahmed, from the Cross-government Working Group on Anti-Muslim Hatred, said: “These findings indicate that we need to ensure young people are mixing at local levels and that they’re working on projects together so that people can get to know Muslims and vice versa.”….”

  6. This one is interesting…

    Egypt shuts down Muslim Brotherhood newspaper (ND/AP, Sept 25, 2013)
    “Journalists from Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood say security forces have shuttered the main office of the newspaper of the group’s political party, Freedom and Justice, and confiscated equipment.

    In a statement Wednesday, journalists from the daily appealed to Egypt’s press syndicate to take action against the closure in Cairo’s Manial district, where the office is now sealed.

    The closure comes two days after a court ordered the group outlawed and its assets seized. Egypt’s interim government however said Tuesday that it would not ban the group until the ruling is upheld by a higher tribunal.

    The shuttering of the newspaper is part of an extensive crackdown on the Brotherhood since Islamist president Mohammed Morsi was ousted on July 3, after millions took to the streets demanding him to step down.”

  7. Why isn’t anyone writing to the politicians and Chiefs of police at the events about all the Al-Rey flags held up there, and their meaning? Surely if the politicians and police like Kelly knew the fanatics associated with the parade they would be wary of linking their names to it.

  8. Hello there…..its me again……Don Laird…

    I have read the comments and hear the questions as to why the Muslims do this…..

    They do this for a couple of reasons……

    They do it for the same reasons that dogs lick their own balls……because they can and because it feels good……

    They do it because we are impotent fools…….

    They do it because they are giving us a taste of our lives to come under the bootheel of islam….

    Regards, Don Laird
    Dogtown Bastard
    Alberta Canada

  9. Lol do you even know what the flags say. Ignorant ppl haha. Have no clue . Muslims are the best .. MashAllah. I see right thru u all.fake judgmental ppl. Read and learn your scriptures.. If u would have followed n understand them Islam wouldnt of came 600 yrs later.. Allahu Akbar!! Faith is the key.. Just love respect give n belief in our creator .. Thats Islam

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