News links for Sept. 22 2013 – 3

1. Anjem Choudary’s daughter tells muslims to wage jihad. 

(Interestingly her father has not sent her there to be a crew-slut for the jihadis like so many do, and she is well over 9)

2. Muslim school banned pupils from singing and reading fairy tales as hardliners took control and ousted headmaster and deputy

  • Employees say they are ‘concerned’ by other practices including forcing female pupils to sit at the back of the class away from boys
  • As a free school it is government funded by outside local authority control
  • National Union of Teachers is ‘very worried’ about the school

Now claims have been made that alongside the strict dress code, the school’s 200 pupils are banned from playing stringed instruments, which are forbidden in the Islamic faith.

3. Man stabs wife to death before children’s eyes

A Syrian refugee who had fled to Mardin and settled in ?zmir with his eight children and wife three months ago stabbed his 38-year-old wife, Elif Muhammed, to death before his children’s eyes on Sunday morning. […] The murder suspect, Salih Muhammed, was caught shortly after the incident and taken into custody. The investigation into the incident is ongoing.

4. 59 killed in Kenya mall attack; Israeli forces join battle to end siege

Israeli forces joined Kenyan efforts to end a deadly siege by Somali militants at the mall, a security source told AFP. “The Israelis have just entered and they are rescuing the hostages and the injured,” the source said on condition he not be named.

5. Terror police target raid on East Lancashire address

   Those arrested in the earlier swoops included two British-Asian men, who were arrested under the Terrorism Act 2000 on Monday and had arrived at the port of Dover from Calais.

The men, understood to be of Pakistani heritage, remained in custody at a London police station as inquiries continued.

Thank you Shabnam, EDL Buck, Tundra T

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  1. Acc to alleged al-Shabaab Twitter account (now shut down), Nairobi attackers incl militants from US, UK, Canada, Finland, Kenya & Somalia

    some of the names :

    According to the terrorist group the attackers all between the age of 20 and 27 years old, are from four different countries and where all trained in Somalia.

    Sayid N. from Kismayu, Somalia.

    Zaki Jama C., from Hargeisa, Somalia

    Qasim Said M., Garissa, Kenya

    Ismail G., from Helsinki, Finland

    Ahmed Nasir S., from London, UK

    Mustafa N., from Kansas City, US

    Abdifatah Osman K., from Minneapolis, US

    Ahmad Mohamed I., from Saint Paul, US

  2. #1 She wrote: “Everywhere u look u see promescuity and sexual exploitation in this kufr (non-Muslim) land, its so hard to walk outside without feeling sick.”

    That’s about how I’d feel, I imagine, walking around certain boroughs these days.

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