News links for Sept. 22 2013 – 4

1. Italian speaking Switzerland bans the burka/face covering.

Ticino has become the first Swiss canton to approve a ban on face-covering headgear in public places, following a vote on Sunday. It will now be up to the federal parliament to accept the change to Ticino’s constitution.

2. Death toll in northeast Nigeria attack ‘at least 142’

The insurgents suspected to be from Islamist extremist group Boko Haram also burned scores of homes and buildings in the assault and left corpses littering the roadside.

3. Tarek Fatah explains his desire to ban the burka Western-world wide. He makes some good points.

4. Top rated comment at Mail Online article on the Kenyan mall massacre:

“It baffles me how this tiny minority of extremist get around the world so fast, possibly they have access to secret wormhole technology or even a more far fetched idea that perhaps the government has slightly underestimated their global numbers due politicians having their heads buried in hot sand and other dark places for so long.”

5. Murdered Alberta woman Jenna Cartwright ‘betrayed’ by Canadian immigration board, says sister

And so, despite warnings that Bashir Gaashaan was a flight risk who posed a danger to the public, Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Board let him go — a freedom that lasted exactly one year and eight months.

6.Press release: ICLA deconstructs “Islamophobia”

7. Turn of the century (1900s) theater in Bristol, a hippie haven in fact known as Stokes Croft, has an application in to planning council to make it into a mosque. My prediction for the structure should it proceed? Well, what does this building look like it can do? Here is some unrelated footage of riots in this area from 2011. But it does give an idea of the values and attitudes of the leftists in this area. They may be in for a rude awakening.

Google Earth image Bristol

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7 Replies to “News links for Sept. 22 2013 – 4”

  1. #3.

    I’ve always wondered why the following obvious point is never broached: why should these parasite refuse bags be given unemployment or welfare or any benefits, when their attire alone makes it abundantly clear that they will NEVER duly participate in the society that sustains them. We won’t even mention their total lack of knowledge, talent, and work ethic, and their rejection of and prejudice against who they so readily leech upon. The same, of course, goes for their husbands.

  2. Re: Italian speaking Switzerland bans the burka/face covering.

    Switzerland is one country where the political leadership is impotent against the will of the people. The Swiss have total power over all policies. Thus, despite the overwhelming opposition of the ruling elite, and the Swiss MSM, Swiss voters passed a ban on minarets, and now the Italian canton bans the burqa. Its going to be replicated in other cantons, to the consternation of the ruling elite, but they can do nothing.

  3. don c
    You have a point, but the moment that we use the burqa as an identifying symbol, the enemy will immediately revert to normal clothing.

    Immediately after 9/11, many Muslim taxi drivers in New York removed all Islamic symbols from their cabs, and hung crucifixes instead in their cabs. This is what they are capable of. They will even burn the koran if needed, to beguile the Kuffar.

    The followers of this creed are expert in changing their identity, or masquerading as moderate Muslims being victimized, to raving Jihadis, at a moments notice.

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