News links for Sept 22 2013 -2

1. Phyllis Chesler summarizes her multicultural experience as a Jewish woman in a muslim harem in Afghanistan.

2. Omar Khadr in court looking for better digs

3. A fat, bearded, ugly, moronic, mustard teaches us all about what is OK and not in sex.

4. CNN: Suicide bombers kill 77 at Pakistan church 

Islamabad, Pakistan (CNN) — A blast at a Protestant church in northwest Pakistan killed 77 people and wounded more than 120, a local official said.

5. Afghan MP recalls her ordeal as hostage to Taliban

6. Five in hospital after shooting in Toronto’s upscale Yorkville area

(Lots of witnesses, no description)

H/T Grace, EDL Buck, Wrath0fKhan and more. Thank you.

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5 Replies to “News links for Sept 22 2013 -2”

  1. Burka ban approved in Italian-speaking Switzerland

    Ticino has become the first Swiss canton to approve a ban on face-covering headgear in public places, following a vote on Sunday. It will now be up to the federal parliament to accept the change to Ticino’s constitution

    […]about 65 per cent of voters in the Italian-speaking canton voted in favour of the change to the law.

    The Ticino initiative did not explicitly target Muslims – the phrasing voted on was “nobody in public streets or squares may veil or hide their face” – but in practice it means women in burkas. The law would apply to burkas and niqabs, Arabic face coverings with a slit for the eyes often worn as part of a full-body covering, but not to headscarves.

    […]One of the most vocal opponents of the initiative and counterproposal, prominent local lawyer Paolo Bernasconi, said a ban was not compatible with European human rights, and it would sully the image of the canton. He was supported in his views by NGOs including Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch which put adverts in local newspapers, declaring that the wearing of burkas posed no risk to public order or safety.

    The European Muslims League and Islamic Central Council Switzerland held a joint news conference in Ticino’s largest city, Lugano, last week to express their opposition. They called the ban “discriminatory”. Veiled women handed out flyers calling for a no vote.

  2. Planet of the Apes, but not one of the high-minded imaginative ones inquisitive about humans.

    #3 “The man says, I’ve just gone through some major fitnah and I need to fulfill my urge.”
    So it’s fitnah (“a heretical uprising”) that gives Muslim men urges? Or they have the urges already, but after heretical uprisings they especially need to fulfill them? And that’s why jihadis need sexual jihadesses. I’m beginning to understand.

  3. Don C

    When I say the court sketch of Omar Kadr, I literally thought of Planet of the Apes. It was the 1st thing that came to mind.

    Gorillas and other monkeys have harems and fight to maintain them. I see know difference between apes and men except men are a little less hirsute, sometimes are literate and give disingenuous justifications for wanting harems.

    You cannot know peace with that type of mentality nor can humanity survive more than another few millennia that way.

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