What does multiculturalism actually mean?

I have stated before that multiculturalism is as much an oxymoron as the famed ‘grandfather paradox’ of time travel. But when thinking about what multiculturalism may mean, this video provides what I think of as a rater perfect example. The facts remain. Culture is codified in law. You simply cannot have more than one set of laws operating in one jurisdiction while claiming that all have equal value. There must be criteria upon which those laws are based and the criteria can vary wildly from science and reason based laws such as health based ones and food standards, and utter primitive superstition and politics like Islamic based ones.

Ya takes your pick and you pays the consequences. But when you try and pick them all…

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  1. The west fought for several millennium to establish the rule of law were all are equal under the law, it has taken the left a little over 100 years to tear down the rule of law.

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if the concept of “multiculturalism” wasn’t the brainchild of some KGB thinkers, sitting around thinking up ways to wage psychological warfare against the West. On first hearing of multiculturalism it immediately hit me that the concept was the perfect way to create future civil wars in ordinarily homogeneous, peaceful countries. After all, doesn’t the very word, “differences”, also mean disagreements? When mixing immigrants together, it makes sense to squish them all together and try to get them to assimilate into the host culture. To celebrate their differences, especially at an official level, is to invite all kinds of sticking points down the road when they start forming enclaves and demanding their own laws. I think the clever chaps who thought up “multiculturalism” were fully aware of what they were unleashing.

  3. Chris you are probably right, prior to the 60s no one ever thought about making countries accept foreign cultures as being equal to their own. Everyone with any sense said look at the Balkans and don’t go down the salad bowl approach of multiculturalism.

  4. Multiculturalism means one have to accept a more inferior way of life, that originated mostly from Africa, Asia, Middle East, that is full of insecurity, discomfort, lacking in freedom/choice and lower quality of life at a high price. I welcome diversity of the world but I think multiculturalism had been pushed by people who are unaware of the mostly negative and dangerous effect that multiculturalism brings. Multiculturalism is also a great big lie, pushed by self-interest groups, who are actually pushing their own culture, while they pushed out other culture, and thus in reality causing genocide to White Western culture.

  5. I have no objection to global multiculturism. Big planet!
    Justt as we have cars, vans, motor bikes and buses; can you imagine a vehicle attempting to combine all aspects of all vehicles? Well, it works about as well as combining all cultures into one country.
    Let us have different cultures in different countries – and the ability to choose which culture/country we wish to live in.
    No way I would live in, for example, Somalia or the UAE.

  6. Yes, I agree it is a big planet out there, and they may follow whatever god or idol, as long as they don’t impose on us who don’t want to be part of their uncivilised, filthy, primitive, backward, brutal, subhuman culture.

  7. Thilo Sarrazin:
    “I would like my great grandchildren 100 years from now still to be able to live in Germany — if they want to. I do not desire that the land of my grandchildren and great-grandchildren be largely Muslim, that Turkish and Arabic be spoken in broad swathes, that women should wear headscarves, and the daily rhythm be determined by the prayer call of the muezzin. If I want to experience that, I can book a vacation to the Orient.”

  8. I don’t want to live in filth and misery just because some other incompatible oriental cultures find their inferior way of living or extremely polluted environment or ugly way of living as an acceptable part of their life.It is unfair that their backward, inferior, dangerous, unstable oriental cultures are making us extremely uncomfortable just because they want to get richer. I know a poor person like myself will never enjoy living in their backward, selfish, petty, grasping oriental cultures and even if it is just a vacation. Their oriental filthy way of life is just too ugly, too unfair, too dangerous(to my health and sanity), too cruel and too exploitive.

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