News links for Sept. 20 2013 – 2

1. Human Trafficking Charges Dropped Against Saudi Princess

“This is not a contract dispute,” Rackauckas said at an earlier bail hearing. “This is holding someone captive against their will.”

2. Syria jihadist, rebel tensions explode

On Friday, after ISIS seized the northern border town of Azaz, the opposition National Coalition for the first time publicly condemned attacks by jihadists.

“The Coalition condemns the aggressions against the forces of the Syrian revolution and the repeated disregard for the lives of Syrians, and considers that this behaviour runs contrary to the Syrian revolution and the principles it is striving to achieve,” it said.

3. Richard’s Iranian links:

3a. Cool Top-Gun stunt

Pilot scares of Iranian pilot

3b. Sen. Lindsey Graham to seek authorization for U.S. attack on Iran

“I do believe without the threat of credible military force by us, the Iranians are going to just slow-walk,” Graham said, according to an account in the Hill. “So I’m trying to create the dynamic that there is bipartisan support for continued diplomacy, sanctions and the use of force as a last resort.”

3c. No time left for negotiations with Iran: Israeli minister

3d. US willing to meet with Iranian president if yada yada wuzza huzza

(3c and 3d are really not news anymore but I suppose there is some comfort in knowing that some things never change)

4. Climategate II: leaked emails show struggle to deal with warming lull

Scientists working on a landmark U.N. report on climate change are struggling to explain why global warming appears to have slowed down in the past 15 years even though greenhouse gas emissions keep rising.

5. Teachers at Derby’s Muslim school ‘ordered to wear hijabs’

6. I kinda gotta go along with CocaCola on this one. You sort of have to be one to buy vitamin water.

7. UK: Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has made it clear that he would not personally want to be treated by a doctor or nurse wearing a veil.

8. Tunisian minister: Young girls return pregnant after ‘sexual Jihad’ excursion to Syria

The women “are (sexually) swapped between 20, 30, and 100 rebels and they come back bearing the fruit of sexual contacts in the name of sexual jihad and we are silent doing nothing and standing idle,” Arab news network Al Arabiya reported the minister as saying during an address to the National Constituent Assembly.

Once again we see in Islam all things are permitted if they assist in any way to achieving the military or primary goals of Islamic supremacy. This is actually an important article.)

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12 Replies to “News links for Sept. 20 2013 – 2”

  1. #3 Lindsey Graham serves or served in the Air Force Reserve as Judge Advocate. Not knowing the character of his service, I must assume it is okay. Certainly being a Congress person helps.

    Still as a Rear Echelon MoFo (REMF), he is not any more knowledgeable than other REMFs, a good number of civilians and many if not most war fighters. I just don;t trust the judgment of a lifetime lawyer who wants to go to war.

    Given his past record, I do not think any information he is privy to as a congress person really informs his judgment in a positive manner.

    I would like to do something about the theocracy read dressed-up oligarchy. I would rather we had supported the Green Revolution (Persian Spring) in 2009. There would have been far fewer casualties for everyone than if we go in shooting.

    But what Lindsey really needs to do is to form a national consensus to go to war with forthright, cogent argument. We need something like 90 approval (not 51%, not 2/3rds, not 75%). but forming a consensus is actually hard work for a politician, since too many do not know how. It is hard to learn how when what they know best is crony capitalism and playing Santa Claus.

  2. #1 Saudi Princess is part way down the road the Gaddffi family took. they treated their help like crap. What if the Princesses family gets more powerful?

  3. 1/ Is this a joke? I suspect that she’s guilty. There has been no real investigation just a half-apologetic acquittal.
    If you want (yet more… yawn) evidence that we are at war, this is it.
    We are at war against lies, Muslim lies and Leftist lies. The Saudi royals probably paid someone off.
    If this sort of shit continues then it will reach boiling point.

  4. Russian Muslim clerics warn of unrest over ban of translation of Koran

    MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russia’s senior Islamic clerics warned the country’s leaders on Friday unrest could erupt in Muslim communities in Russia and beyond if a court decision ordering the destruction of a interpretive translation of Koran is not overturned.

    Tuesday’s ruling by a court in Novorossiysk, a city in southern Russia, ordered the widely read text outlawed under a Russian anti-extremism law that rights activists say has been abused by local officials out of prejudice or to persecute groups frowned upon by the dominant Russian Orthodox Church.

    […]If the ruling is acted on, the cleric warned: “There will be unrest … not only in Russia but all over the world, we are talking about the destruction of the Koran.”

    […]”This is one step away from banning the Koran,” said Akhmed Yarlikapov, an expert on Islam with the Russian Academy of Sciences.

  5. New York City man gets 13 years in terror training case

    An American citizen was sentenced to 13 years in prison on Friday for lying to the FBI about his attempts to wage violent jihad against U.S. forces by joining the Taliban or Al Qaeda.

    […]His outlook on jihad “has matured over time,” he wrote. “Jihad and terrorism are not synonymous, they are conflicting in my view.” The letter portrayed a failed attempt to get to Pakistan as “an impulsive move”

    […]A jury convicted Shehadeh earlier this year after hearing his friends testify that he spoke of wanting to die while waging violent jihad, or holy war, abroad against the U.S. military.

    […]Shehadeh showed up at a Times Square military recruiting station and tried to sign up, authorities said. A friend he had worshipped with later told investigators Shehadeh had hoped the Army would deploy him to Iraq, where he could desert and join insurgent forces.

  6. PAKISTAN – Infanticide prompts imam response in Pakistan

    Public anger is growing in Pakistan over the number of attacks on young girls.

    Among the cases which have made headlines recently are the gang rape of a five-year-old twins abandoned on a railway line and a baby girl thrown into a river by her father.

    In response imams in mosques across Pakistan have been asked to preach a sermon on the the treatment of girls.

    It is being called ‘My Daughter is a Blessing not a Curse Day.’

    UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) figures suggest that in Karachi alone the bodies of 300 newborn baby girls are found each year.

    Aleem Maqbool reports from Islamabad.

    videos on the page :

  7. TURKEY – Police building in Ankara hit by rockets

    A police compound in the Turkish capital, Ankara, was struck by rockets on Friday, Interior Minister Muammer Guler has said.

    Mr Guler said that two rockets hit the directorate in the Dikmen suburb and that another device, which did not explode, was found in a nearby garden.

    He said no-one was hurt in the attacks. It is not clear who is responsible.

    Kurdish rebels, left-wing groups and Islamist militants have previously bombed targets in Turkey.

    Some media reports blamed the Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party-Front (DHKP-C), a far-left armed group.

    The Ankara-based Anadolu news agency quoted Mr Guler as saying that “a rocket launcher, an unexploded shell and the so-called flag of an illegal leftist organisation” were found at the scene.

    He said that the perpetrators “may have fled in a vehicle”.

    In February the DHKP-C was accused launching a suicide bomb attack on the US embassy in the Turkish capital Ankara in which a guard was killed.

  8. “Syria jihadist, rebel tensions explode”

    In all probability, this is about Saudi Wahhabi-backed Salafi factions versus mainstream Sunni non-aligned factions. (or possibly MI6 / CIA backed)

    Could turn interesting. Just sit back and enjoy the fireworks !

  9. #1 How big were the bribes that got her off?

    #2 Now it is a three sided war, anyone care to guess which side Obama supports?

    #8 I missed that article, yes it is very important since it shows that the traditional Islamic morality for girls is something that can be thrown away at anytime. It also shows that the Moslems think women are like Kleenex except reusable.

  10. Richard, I cannot see going to war like we did in 2003. It would destroy the opposition party to the Democrats. The MSM news anchors would be right there getting their licks in.

    Ron Radosh has a good piece on the crazies. He connected a few dots I did not know about. I did not know the Global Research was a division of International Answer. I have seen it a couple of time doing web searches.

    Maybe it was not the war so much although it did not help but the f_cking Republican spending too d_mn much.

    Bush also touted home ownership. I thought it was a good move. I did not get into the details. To use a term that Obama overuses and has appropriated, I though if everyone had “skin in the game” then they would care about taxes and government efficiency. But helping people a little if they do not maintain the momentum is a mistake. Bush just compounded to some degree what all the Democrats had done with the CRA. But if Bush did not have an initiative they would have said see the Republicans hate the poor, want dirty air, yada, yada, yada,

    That and the Democrap party was heIIbent to raise taxes and were going to use the cost of the war to do it.

  11. Blue we will be going to war because we have been attacked, and probably attacked in the homeland, Obama ensured this when he showed how weak he is, and allowing the Iranians to acquire nuclear weapons means the attacks will be more devastating.

    You are like a lot of people and think this war is an elective war that we can choose to ignore if we want, it is a war of survival that will hit home in the future. Probably before Obama is out of office, after all the Moslems can’t be sure that Hillary or Biden will be the next President so they will want to hit us while the US military is so weak.

    As far as the debt etc. is concerned, we were down this badly during the depression and people pulled together to fight the war, (something Obama won’t do) and if we are hit real hard in the homeland the Dems can kiss the Presidency goodby for a long time, just as the MSM can either get aboard the war or lose their companies when the viewers leave.

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