News links for Sept. 19 2013 – 1

1. Greece rocked by night of riots after anti-fascist rapper was stabbed to death by member of far-right group Golden Dawn

Videos and pics at above link. More also at France24 

2. Terror arrests in the UK

  A 27-year-old man and a 26-year-old woman were arrested in Essex on Wednesday on suspicion of “being involved in the commission, preparation and instigation” of terrorism.

Their arrests follow the detention of two men, aged 22 and 29, at the Port of Dover in Kent in the early hours of Monday in connection with the same inquiry.

Some ammunition was seized.

3. Egypt troops storm Islamist stronghold near Cairo

KERDASA, Egypt (AP) – Egyptian security forces backed by armored fighting vehicles and helicopters stormed a town known to be an Islamist stronghold outside of Cairo near the Great Pyramids on Thursday, coming under barrages of fire from gunmen on rooftops as they searched door to door for militants.

(Again, the Egyptians show more will to fight Islamic terror and supremacy than our own governments)

4. Pentecostal Church burned to the ground in Scandinavia last month. Arson is known to be the case. Here is the original and here is the Google translation.

5. Tony Blair’s daughter Kathryn Blair held up at gunpoint by muggers 

(No description of the attackers of course)

6. Two very interesting climate links.


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  1. 1— It’s a shame about their ant-Semitic obsession and collective philosophy but the enemdia account doesn’t ring true to me. The communist party of Greece is losing members and its support in the polls plummeting whilst golden dawn is making huge electoral strides. The communists are no threat to Golden dawn so why should they bother with them at all.This is the second violent attack on the communists allegedly by golden dawn and in both cases the perpetrator conveniently revealed their identity to the victim. With elections round the corner It seems the smear machine is getting into gear as it does against all nationalist parties.

  2. Take a good hard look at Greece, this is the future of all western nations if something isn’t done to prevent the left from bankrupting the west, and personally I think it is too late for something to be done.

  3. #6 “Solar activity drops to 100-year low, puzzling scientists” Scientist who build models that we are to bet our civilizations on. Scientists who have a hard time modeling cloud effects and so give it a large WAG & now we find out they know too little about the sun.

  4. 1. Golden Dawn is going to become a terrorist organization I doubt they will get the same treatment as Islam. But you are right Richard.

    Arthur – the left has a lot of similarities with Islam they are always in a state of perpetual in fighting. Good example of that is the communist vs national socialists.

    6. Blue.. To this day we do not know how clouds. We know where they came from and what they are made of but how water vapor becomes clouds we don’t know. I have been following Suspicious0bservers on Youtube he is very good at 3:30 he makes an update on the cosmic ray effect:

  5. #5

    On the one hand the article talks about what a potentially serious terrorist threat Blair’s daughter’s exposure presents, but on the other hand they refuse to give even a vague description of the robbers, despite the fact that it is an ongoing investigation and the guys haven’t been caught and it could be very helpful if members of the public were to help – which they can’t do without a description.

    What that shows is that they would rather see Kathryn Blair’s assailants go free than cast any kind of aspersions on whatever race or religion the bad guys belong to. The editors should be charged with obstruction of justice. The robber pointed a gun at Kathryn Blair; there is no way she failed to get a good look at the guy.

  6. “IT is hard to believe that she had no protection”Well millions of white English people experience the same thing every day,can we have some protection too officer?or are only the elite protected from the results of their crimes against the English people?.

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