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7 Replies to “Sahara Islamist hostages in new video plea: seven al-Qaeda captives appear in distressing video”

  1. Catherine Herridge is on the radio now giving a Benghazi report that is not related to arms smuggling or rendition.

    Apparently Hillary wanted diplomatic facilities there as part of her legacy. she also wanted to get the upgrades done before the end of the budget year, September 30th.

    So Ambassador Stevens had to go into the breach because of a timeline.

    Herridge is a solid reporter.

    Still, it is not making much sense.

  2. French intervention in Mali (a year ago) made France a target.

    Uhmm yeah, that justifies the taking of French nationals 3 years ago because well Al Qaeda has a time machine.

  3. We are going to keep seeing videos like this until we start using Spec Ops to go in, rescue the hostages and kill the hostage takers.

  4. Richard,

    The hostage takers are rational. They will figure the probabilities weigh the risks and rewards and make the appropriate decision.

    At the start of the War on terrorism the Basque separatists declared a 1 side cease fire. They did not want the U.S. cooperating with Spain and messing them up.

    After they saw no one was going after them other than Spain, they calculated there was little risk and went back to bombing.

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