News links for Sept 19 2013 – 2

1. Egyptian forces Vs Muslim Brotherhood in Kerdasa. Another article here

2. Italians removing children from racially mixed schools 

It started with “little things, such as the fear of not being able to celebrate Christmas.

(This appears to also be happening in California where bussing has forced poor people into bad schools, while leftist elitists, the architects of bussing, still send their own children to all-white private schools)

3. Erdogan plans on 6000 twitter meat puppets.

4. London Tube staff oppose introduction of fingerprint recognition machines

(Retina scans cannot be far off)

5. Mysterious mass conversion from Islam to Christianity in Georgia

6. California college bars student from handing out copies of Constitution

7. National Park Service Produces Videos Praising Islam’s Contributions To Women’s Rights

Thank you Fjordman, M, Richard and all who sent in links. A lot more to come.

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  1. Italians removing children from racially mixed schools

    “(This appears to also be happening in California where bussing has forced poor people into bad schools, while leftist elitists, the architects of bussing, still send their own children to all-white private schools)”

    In California the poorest are the illegal immigrant families. The children are placed into public schools to keep them off the street.

    They’re aren’t especially interested in learning. It’s a cultural thing. They really don’t want to assimilate. That’s our government at work.

    The purpose of desegregation busing was to allow blacks into better schools. A Supreme Court ruling did that.

    “In a Gallup poll taken in the early 1970s, very low percentages of whites (4 percent) and blacks (9 percent) supported busing outside of local neighborhoods….

    …Ultimately, even many black leaders, from Wisconsin State Rep. Annette Polly Williams, a Milwaukee Democrat, to Cleveland Mayor Michael White, have come to the conclusion that it is patronizing to think that minority students need to sit next to a white student to learn, and as such led efforts to end busing….

    …During the 1970s, 60 Minutes reported that some members of Congress, government, and the press who supported busing most vociferously sent their own children to private schools, including Senator Edward Kennedy, George McGovern, Thurgood Marshall, Phil Hart, Ben Bradlee, Senator Birch Bayh, Tom Wicker, Philip Geyelin and Donald Fraser.[3] Many of the judges who ordered busing also sent their children to private schools.”~~wikipedia

    The multicultural thing doesn’t work.

    I don’t know if the elite private schools are all white. It could be. I’m sure some are. But private schools are the best way to go. California’s public schools are ranked 26th for student achievement in reading and math.

  2. RE # 1; The government is going after the Brotherhood, they are really showing some balls. It will take some time to clean house.

  3. People should ask themselves whether this is what international leftism envisioned for us as wel..l.

    Scores dead in Nigeria after Boko Haram ‘ambush’ in Borno (BBC, Sept 19, 2013)
    “At least 87 people have been killed in an attack by Boko Haram militants in Nigeria’s north-eastern Borno state, according to local officials.

    Disguised in military uniforms, the militants set up checkpoints outside the town of Benisheik and shot dead those trying to flee, witnesses said.

    They also razed dozens of buildings in Tuesday’s attack.

    Boko Haram, which wants to create an Islamic state across Nigeria, has waged a deadly insurgency since 2009….”

  4. 6 & 7/ Start every day angry.

    If those children and teenagers were ever Americans they aren’t now. Their loyalty is not to America and “constitution-type papers” but to the ummah and the shariah.

    A miniscule “free speech area” that needs to be booked weeks in advance? On a U.S. college campus. That is like a dystopian science fiction film metaphor for the totalitarian robot-controlled post-apocalypse America of the far future, not something we’re supposed to believe could ever actually exist.

  5. Its good that these things are being reported, you do so much Eeyore. But I also hope that those who feel like this don’t feel alone. I mean I hope there are get together and strategize type pot luck dinners and stuff to help unify constitution loving, islam awared people.

  6. Its good that these things are being reported, you do so much Eeyore. But I also hope that those who feel like this don’t feel alone. I mean I hope there are some get-together- and-strategize pot luck dinners and other types of get togethers to help unify all the constitution-loving, islam-knowledgeable people.

    (hope this makes more sense).

  7. bobusa says:

    “The country is looking more like the Soviet Union every day.”

    While the Soviet Union moves closer to God and Country

  8. Fingerprinting the underground staff,is only the tip of the iceburg,next month will see the introduction of “universal credit”,where in order to access ANY gocernment benefit,will require the applicant to sign up with one of six companies and be REGISTERED ,verison the post office,and other greedy personal information sellers ,will photograph,take fingerprints and all personal details,as if you were an arrested criminal,and to complete your humiliation ,will make you pay for it,this is an identity card by the back door,once in this system you will have no rights and can be cut off at will,especially if you are “politically unreliable”.Yet what have we heard from the media on this issue,nothing,they have kept this quiet so that the population is presented with a fait accompli and has no choice ,either surrender your information or starve and become homeless because your housing benefit is not paid.This is the death of the last breath of our freedom,i hope you enjoy what you voted for.

  9. The Metropolitan of Batumi says that Adjarians were forcibly converted to Islam by the Ottomans though, in fact, they remained Christian at heart. According to his statement, they continued to secretly wear a cross, they painted Easter eggs, and they retained the icons in their homes.

    And that’s the true reason. This happened in Spain as well, when it was conquered by the Arabs. Many Spanish converted at the point of a sword – convert or head chopped, including the entire family.

    Almost all Muslims in the world today are the descendents of people who had to convert or see their families brutally killed – after the women and girls had been raped. Its what happened in the past, and is still happening now – in Syria, Egypt, Pakistan and elsewhere. Its worked well for Islam in the past, and they have yet to be made to see that there will be consequence for such behaviour.

  10. #4 It’s pretty obvious where this is going, isn’t it? It’s not going to be long before they have it so they can watch a hi-def movie of you any time they choose – at the push of a button. You know, every now and then, I can’t help wondering if the whole terrorism thing isn’t just a big red herring that the authorities use as an excuse to put us all under 24-hour surveillance. I think that’s a large factor in “The War on Drugs” too.

    After all, it does appear that they are letting the Jihadists win on purpose, doesn’t it? Like, why isn’t there a big sign at all all airports saying, “No Muslims!”? Come to think of it, why isn’t there a sign like that at the Canadian border? After 9/11, why didn’t they give the Saudis 8-hours to clear out, and then bomb Mecca flat? Why didn’t they put a couple of cruise missiles through the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini’s living room window the day he put his fatwa out on a British citizen?

    Why don’t they ever do stuff that works? They’ve been losing this thing on purpose for years. Why is that? Why does the US President and others appear to be fully supporting the very guys who bombed the World Trade Center on 9/11, and why is the mainstream media so furiously covering that fact up? I hate to sound crazy, but it sure as hell looks like a vast conspiracy of some kind to me.

    Just imagine. If there was no war on drugs and no war on terror, what big reason would they have to wire us all up and watch us constantly? Bullying? The SARS virus? Hate speech? Opposition to gay marriage? Crime, they say, is dropping all by itself, after all. It’s called “lockdown”, folks, and it’s not a good thing.

    Instead of dismantling our own societies as a response to Islamic terrorism, why don’t we just beat the snot out of the terrorists and then ask them if they wouldn’t mind stopping what they’re doing? Why don’t we simply choose to prevail against this pack of illiterate Bedouins? It’s a historical fact that they will pull back if they think they have to.

  11. #1 I hope they stay the course.

    #2 This is probably why the Democrats oppose school vouchers, they don’t want the poor kids going to the same schools their kids do.

    #4 Big Brother is alive and well in Britain.

  12. #7: Don’t these girls read the qoran? Or the hadiths?
    Islam did not give these women those rights – they already had them AND MORE before islam – how else could Muhammed’s first wife have owned her own business?
    She was his boss – which may be why he invented the “men may not take orders from females” bit in islam.

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