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11 Replies to “Florida man facing possible discipline for telling the truth about Islam on his Facebook page”

  1. Didnt this happen a couple days ago? Oh… That was the previous one… This here is the latest one.

    Wave of attacks in Iraq leave at least 35 dead; more than 100 hurt (CNN, Sept 17, 2013):
    “At least 35 people were killed and more than 100 wounded in shootings and explosions across the country on Tuesday, officials with Iraq’s interior ministry told CNN.

    Officials said 29 people were killed and 107 wounded in 11 car bomb explosions in nine different parts of Baghdad. Most of killed and wounded were civilians, officials said.

    In Falluja, about 60 kilometers (37 miles) west of Baghdad, five people were killed and 12 others were wounded when gunmen attacked al-Tahadi police station in southern Falluja….”

  2. I am sure that he can say anything he wants about Christianity and the Bible. What does that tell us? We’ve surrendered already to dhimmi status. Just a few formalities like the jizya tax are all that remain.

  3. This story fills me with fear. There’s his boss, who obviously has not read the Quran, referring to this guy as “ignorant” and “hateful”, and, of course, “wrong”. How can he say that when he has not read the Quran? Why does that seem logical to him? Things are getting stranger and stranger. And then the way CAIR steps in and starts bullying the guy, and nobody makes a move to protect him.

    The thing that scares me is that there seems to be no question anymore. We have gotten used to the fact that criticising any aspect of Islam is now illegal in our society, but if you try to point that out you get called “extreme right wing.” This must be what it felt like to be a German and watch your country slowly slide toward disaster as the days go by and the noose is drawn tighter. We are currently the victims of an unthinkably large conspiracy, the goal of which is our utter annihilation… Yeah, I know. I’ll go get my tinfoil helmet.

  4. Chris, you are right. Someone has to go after cair in a legal way. Sue them until they are broke for defending terrorists. . I’m disgusted by the spinelessness of our leaders.

  5. C.A.I.R. are going after him. This government-funded Quango could not exist before Socialism.

    Confusion, Alienation, Infiltration and Radicalization. Nothing new to see here, they’re all at it, move along.

  6. So what are you saying, perfectchild? Are you saying that we should “move along” for some reason? I don’t agree with you. I don’t think we should be “moving along” just because it’s all somehow “old news”. I think we should be trying to defeat the enemy, not “moving along”…

  7. No Chris, I was being ironic. We find the same techniques employed by LBGT and Diversity in the Workplace lobby groups; these sociopaths and their sycophants can only reproduce by infecting others with their hate-as-love through the violation of innocence and disrespecting the individual having an opposing thought to yours. Group-think.

    To become anti-people, the most unchristian of beings, (If you consider Jesus was a victim and rebel of Judaofascism of his time). They are the zombi metaphor used in the movies. To kill the body, when they are actually killing the soul of your young.

    Have you not read my posts?

    As if “Confusion, Alienation, Infiltration and Radicalization” as a technique of psyops could ever be acceptable in their intimidation and subsequent rape of individual’s minds!

    “Nothing new to see here, they’re all at it, move along.” Just references the SinoRussian populations just averting their eyes and looking at the ground. That is what Americans have become trained to do too. They are assaulted everyday by the government is at every level just as their workforces were assaulted by Equalities Programs to remove white heterosexual males in the 1980s and 90s.

    I’m sorry you thought this of me, and that I wrote so confusingly.

    My disgust at the Marxist Ideology that human value is reduced to productivity and usefulness.

    And that is Socialism – as a preparation ground – being identified with the herd – any herd – even with the very pride of poverty and victimhood itself – for then totalitarianism springs forth as a revolution – to be catered and dispensed to by the True Communists. There is a sense of God when acting as Gods. Such are the narcissists who offer an External Heaven or Heaven on Earth by stamping out every unbeliever.

    In a Communist Country where anything established over five years is considered to be their Cultural Heritage, every citizen has converted by consent. Guilt by permission. Because if you did not consent, you are not a true convert. Enough pictures of people being shamed of not consenting, because it makes the group-identifier look bad, will get the message across.

    “Nothing new to see here, they’re all at it, move along.”

    Let me enjoy this solemnity one last time….

  8. If we dont feel culturally enriched now…

    Spanish border fence stormed by African immigrants (BBC/Video, Sept 18, 2013)
    “About 100 African immigrants have broken through a border fence from Morocco into the Spanish territory of Melilla, sparking clashes with police.

    Meanwhile, about 350 people believed to be from sub-Saharan Africa tried to reach the shores of Ceuta by swimming from a nearby Moroccan beach.

    Catharina Moh reports.”

  9. perfectchild says: said, “C.A.I.R. are going after him.”

    C.A.I.R. might be going after him but it was the News channel that is causing the real problem for him.

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