News links for Sept. 16 2013 – 3

1. Muslims who ate something without reading the label are angry at store for not knowing every little muslim peccadillo. Doubly offended because the apology was of a bottle of champagne. Of course this great victimless crime is actually a story in the paper with pictures of the food and the fat kid that looks like he enjoyed every mouthful. The lesson? Don’t sell anything to muslims. Its guaranteed to repeat on you.

2. Shiites: Syria War Will Ignite End Times (Shiites have the ultimate ‘boy down the well’ legend except this kid, when he comes back out, will herald the end of the world and death to all the unbelievers. Such a nice religion Islam is)

3. UN: Libyan weapons being smuggled to Syria

The U.N. Security Council is hearing reports that caches of weapons and ammunition left over from the collapse of Moammar Gadhafi’s Libyan regime are being flown and shipped into Syria

4. Point De Bascule report on John Baird and the Muslim Brotherhood in Canada. (PDB is probably the most important source for information about infiltration and MB/Al-Qeada activities in Quebec and Canada)

5. Kuwait Funding Muslim Brotherhood Growth in Western Mosques


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  1. #2 What kind of people want the end times? More than just Muslims for sure. There have been Christian and New age millennialists.

    Most religious people who want the end times, want it so that evil can be eradicated.

    Many of those people also decide not have kids , because they do not want to put them thru “Hi, I planted you.You are all grown up and ready to strike ut on your own and make your way but that is not going to happen. Instead you are going to suffer a world ending war, nuclear fire and worse.”

    At least there have been Christian millennialists like that. I think it is pretty sick to raise kids where they are not going to be able to do the same.

  2. Supposedly the Navy Yard Killer was a Buddhist and more or less fluent in Thai.
    He was also a Navy Reservist from 2007 to 2011. Something is not right.

    Can you be considered a aviation electronics tech just form 4 years reserve duty?

    I think someone got fired and was angry.

  3. Yvetta.

    Go out and by a burkha. do not go thru line with any nonMuslim looking or acting family members. That way at least one in your family will get thru the checkpoints without getting felt up.

    But a burkha on your daughter if you have one. if 505 of the population did this, all women then the government will have to give in.

    If the only pull aside women in burkha who do not have Muslim names we sue them.

    Second we take a page out of the Democrat playbook. The 1st thing he asked Rubio last January was where he stood on abortion. He was trying to fix Rubio in place (according to Alinskys; rules for radical) so that other leftists could destroy him.

    We need to ask every politicians where they stand on burkhas and security checks at every news conference and interview.

  4. For the record when I wrote “Yes, a buddhist”, I just want to point out that it was reported that way and apparently he went to a temple in Fort Worth.

    No glee there. He had anger management issues from the Wapo stories.. If he is a failed Buddhist like Westboro are failed Christians. I hope that makes my stand clear.

  5. 1/
    “The lesson? Don’t sell anything to muslims. Its guaranteed to repeat on you.”

    Or buy anything from them, employ them, speak to them, smile at them, or give them the time of day.
    If you desire to do anything at all with them, then just shoot them!

  6. Aaron Alexis should not have had a gun.

    President Obama will (watch him now) say that background checks do not work.

    Well if a guy shoots the tires out of some one else’s car and the city police department or District attorney loses the paperwork, then he is right! <<< (Seattle, Washington <<< Democrat ruled)

    But he is saying background checks don't work because government itself does not work.
    But he is saying background checks don't work because government loses paperwork.

    Further He shot the tires out because a coworker said something or he thought they said something. I would like to know what that something was.

    I also like to know why Aaron felt that it was an appropriate response. Okay we are not going to be able to ask Aaron, OBVIOUSLY! But we could talk to highschool classmates, navy coworkers, parents etc to try to find out. My opinion is that it has to do with the dark side of black culture. He set a chip on his shoulder and was hypersensitive. There is a good side to black culture, but in this case the dark side won out. It is like generic white American culture which also has a dark side. For example during the Mexican American War some protestant officers were so bad that that Irish American soldier joined the Mexicans. The proof is El Presidente Vicente Fox.

    Another thing is the gun cleaning accident. Who cleans a loaded gun? I can imagine it happening. One would typically have to keep one in a chamber and then when cleaning the gun drop the clip but then start brain farting … like twice.

    The full time Navy Reserve job was a good deal for Aaron. It was steady and it had potential for advancement. At the end of 4 years (I do not know how close he was to 4 years) some people will be E5. He was E4. I do not know how if his rate was very competitive and had dismal promotion opportunities. He was not stellar but he was average so far. So far so good. But once he lost his job, I think he lost his future and saw no way forward. He got bitter.

    It is hard sometimes to tell kids anything. It is especially hard with some kids in the teens and early 20s. but after a few knocks and time on their own they become more amenable to advice.

    Parenting does not stop at 18. It becomes usually just advice, but it is important. From the way his aunt talked it seemed like he was out of touch. Could have been some work done in that regard it seems.

  7. Blue it depends on how much time you spent on active duty and what schools you attend while on active duty. Then he could also have been sent to civilian schools while not on active.

    #2 If you don’t know about the Shiite end times prophecies read this article.

    #5 All of the oil rich Arab nations are paying the terrorists and the MB (I no that is redundant) to stay out of their nations.

  8. Daniel 11:31 AD 688 Dome of the Rock construction work on the Temple Mount commenced
    Revelation 12:6 AD 688 + 1260 years = AD 1948 Jewish national homeland in Palestine established
    Revelation 11:2 AD 688 + 1279 years = AD 1967 Arab-Israeli June Six-Day Lightning War erupted
    Daniel 12:11 AD 688 + 1290 years = AD 1978 Egypt-Israel Camp David Peace Accords signed
    Daniel 12:12,13 AD 688 + 1335 years = AD 2023 End of the World and the Universe awaited

    N.B. 1 day = 1 year (Numbers 14:34, Ezechiel 4:6); 42 months = 1279 days (Julian year = 365.5 days)
    AD 2033 = 85th anniversary of Israel and 2000th anniversary of the death and resurrection of Jesus

  9. I pointed out by N.B. that a Julian not Gregorian year = 365.5 days. Actually it equals 365.25 days. So 42 months multiplied by 365.25 = 1278 + 1 for the leap year equals 1279. Or to make it simple 42 months multiplied by 365.5 = 1279 in one shot. I shall look forward to your reaction tomorrow below my comment.

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