News links for Sept 16 2013 -2

1. US university students sign petition to send care packages to Al-Qeada

[auto play very annoying. Not worth the point it makes]

2. As of 9:42 AM EDT still no description of the shooter at the Washington Naval yard. Many people must have one though. I bet none of the people in lock down there even have a description as of yet. Which means government political-correctness still trumps the actual safety of their own employees. Think the unions will say anything about that?

3. LIVE news feed of the attack on the D.C. Naval yard with the new-normal,..   no information. wait!  Multiple shooters

4. Obama’s new red line. (If Iran makes nukes they can expect a very angry letter from Moscow.)

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  1. DP during Nam every antiwar protest had a collection point collecting money to be sent to the Viet Cong, they collected a lot of money.

    Warren this isn’t the worst petition they have signed, a couple of years ago they signed a petition to outlaw water, the petition said that since H2O killed large numbers of people a year it would be illegal to use it, the fools signed it.

  2. LOL @ #4

    Obama’s presidency put in a nutshell:

    If Iran makes nukes they can expect a very angry letter from Moscow.

    Eeyore: I will put this among my fave quotes 🙂

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