Important video coming up.

Posting has been a bit light for the past few days because it has taken several people a ton of time to translate and subtitle what I think is one of the most important videos on Islam that I have ever seen. It is just over 16 minutes and I reasonably expect it to be ready and posted tonight. Within the next 4 hours or so I hope, from now. I firmly believe that watching this video should drive home the very real consequences of ISlamic dominance in any area today. If those of you who watch it agree, please propagate this video any and every way possible. Spreading the link certainly, inviting friends over and watching it with them, whatever it takes.

Please stay tuned and thank all of you who are working with me on this video for your massive efforts, mostly C.B. Sashenka who stayed up all night to translate it and worked with me all day to time the titles.

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