News links for Sept 10 2013 – 4

1. Muslim woman protests face veil ban at Birmingham university in UK, but uses a non veiled picture to organize the protest. Taqyyia in action? (Compare the photo in the news story with the one I took from the Facebook page for the protest.)

2. Tommy Robinson’s guest appearance at Oxford cancelled.  (Be patient Tommy. In a few more years they are going to offer you an honorary degree and tenure)

3. Virginia: Muslim Man Arrested After Police Find Shrapnel-Laced Bomb In Home (But it was just for home defense officer! Honest!)

4. Darwin was right! ‘German’ rapper converts to Islam, goes to fight jihad in Syria, gets injured. (h/t Oz-Rita and M)

5. Phyllis Chesler chronicles her return to reality from classic, far-leftist anti Western civilization, and anti-white people feminist thought as a consequence of marrying a non-white Afghani Muslim. Maybe if enough people read this and maybe watched, ‘Not without my daughter’ we could fix a few things.

6. Google doubles its encryption to defend itself against NSA spying. (Making it about the only organization not actively participating with them that I can see.)

7. Any Mac users may seriously want to consider adding this to their Mac-mail. PGP is still decent protection for your email privacy between any 2 people who have PGP installed and this is an easy and effective way to secure your email.

8. Chamman Nisa death: Student who drowned in a lake had told police she was scared for her safety Yet another islamic murder of a woman because she wouldn’t act like a slave.


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  1. 2. Tommy Robinson’s guest appearance at Oxford cancelled.


    The president of the Oxford University Student Union said he was “delighted” the invitation had been withdrawn and said it “should never have been issued in the first place.

    “Fascist speakers…blah blah…dangerous thugs…

    blah…when they themselves do not believe in free speech…blah blah…


    …The EDL are simply the newest torchbearers of the dying but dangerous fascist movement…blah blah…no place in our university…blah”

    Attempt to shed light on this appalling statement using a tetralemma (dilemma with four unsatisfactory possibilities instead of two):

    1. OUSU president Tom Rutland actually believes this crap and doesn’t care if anyone else does

    2. He doesn’t believe this crap, but knows his masters like hearing it

    3. He both believes the crap and knows the BBC laps it up

    4. He neither believes it nor understands he’s a whore

  2. Abu Talha al-Almani and several other brothers were injured, while several Muslim children were killed,”

    Eeyore posted a video (News links for Sept. 9 2013 – 3) showing a bomb, rocket or missile hitting a machine gun (probably a 12.7 mm dahsika) which was fired by a helicopter or jet. Now those of us who watched it say men but not children.

    But I bet the tards of the left automatically believe that several children were killed.

    I dispute the label of tard or retard for those on the left. Fire can eventually get thru fire retardant which merely slows it. It is from the same root word as tardy. I do not think that many leftists will ever see the truth. leftists are not slow. I think of them as damaged with many never to recover.

  3. #8 Nothing to see here. This all makes sense. Islamicists like those in German as recently reported do not want females taking swim lesson. This gives them an out. That Nisa drowned was because she did not know how to swim not because she was murdered by “good” muslims.

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