Belgian Journalist held prisoner in Syria claims gas used by ‘rebels’, not Assad

Similar articles from Italian press in English: (H/T Gates of Vienna)

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6 Replies to “Belgian Journalist held prisoner in Syria claims gas used by ‘rebels’, not Assad”

  1. Syria was in league with Al Qaeda during the Iraq War and yet the left was silent about that fact including Susan Power. Syria and Al Qaeda are no longer n league for the past 2 years although under Obama we might be. Susan Power is a joke.

  2. Once again the US media’s inability to see that in some wars all sides are evil is betraying the US citizens and edging the world towards a major war. It is looking like that bullet has been dodged for a little while but the world can’t’ get lucky all the time, eventually the bad guys are going to start WWIII.

  3. Now what is President Osama bin al-Husseini going to say about this? Here’s a guy, a rebel-friendly journalist, no less, who is saying that he overheard the terrorists claiming responsibility for the chemical weapons attacks while he was being held hostage by the guys he was in Syria to support. He might be lying, I suppose, but it sure doesn’t look like it. Did Assad give him a million dollars to lie? Maybe… Is there any proof of that? And all we have to go on is the word of John Kerry – Secretary of “What difference does it make, now!”, who nobody would be stupid enough to trust since Hillary so utterly disgraced the position. And still the mainstream media keeps hiding the truth from the world. What do you want to bet that this pivotal story doesn’t see the light of day in the mainstream media?

  4. Take your pick:

    1/ Assad used chemical weapons –
    2/ Assad didn’t use chemical weapons but the rebels did –
    3/ No chemical weapons were used -it’s all fake

    Barry Hussein doesn’t care which of the above are true. He wants to arm the rebels and attack Assad no matter what. He was ready to step in and do this without waiting for any evidence at all. Luckily, Putin pissed on his fireworks.

    Obama simply wants to arm his Sunni Muslim rebel friends, most of whom aren’t oppressed Syrian citizens at all, but Afghan, Saudi or Sudanese foreigners, members of al-Qaeda and various other Korang-utans.
    He also knows that an attack on Assad may trigger an attack on Israel and Obama despises Israel. He’s a traitor that can’t hide his true intent any more. The taqiyya mask has slipped!

  5. Bob don’t worry, Iran has and Putin have proven that Obama is a weak fool, they will give us plenty of other chances for WWIII and Obama will grab at one of them.

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