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4 Replies to “Montreal muslims claim to cancel youth conference, move it secretly to mosque”

  1. Kevin Gallagher, ace CTV investigative reporter:

    Kevin: I was allowed access inside the mosque earlier this afternoon, I got to listen to what some of the speakers had to say. There were about 100 people inside the mosque, men and women, they were divided on either side of the room, men at the front near the speaker, women behind a rope. Most of the women were, actually all of the women I should say, were wearing hijabs or burkas. Now the speaker really had a message of PEACE and SERENITY and also you know, GIVING TO CHARITY, that makes a good Muslim, and those sort of things, so really not the controversial statements that we have heard so many people say that , here at the conference say that this is, part of the example that they’ve been judged unfairly. Caroline.

    Caroline: All right, thank you very much for that Kevin.

    Surely there is a coinage already for this kind of sham tour for the clueless or conspiring journalist, like a Potemkin mosque visit.

  2. Bravo to the Quebecers who are trying to get religious symbols out of the public sector
    forgo the crosses in public dress, to prevent the hideous islamic dress and other types of religious
    head gear from being a visual majority within a couple decades.
    Stop them now,
    BRAVO to the brave who are bringing this forward, even in a formerly Catholic province,
    vivala brave quebecers
    hope you will this essential first step to stopping these hideous backward cultures from demanding equality with modern enlightened western culture.

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