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1. Australian cleric sentenced for sending “hate letters” to soldiers’ families

Austra-tard guilt hate mail

Haron Monis’s letters were described by the Australian courts as “grossly offensive and deplorable” which were sent to the families of deceased Australian troops.

2. Former PVV councillor launches Islamic party

A former councillor for the anti-Islam PVV in The Hague has launched a political party founded on Islamic principles

3. German Islamists increasingly going to Syria

(Some good news for a change. Let’s hope they all go)

4. RT on French hostage report. (video posted here last night)

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  1. We are going about this the wrong way. Instead of us trashing our own civil rights and freedoms in a effort to do, sort of, chemotherapy against the Muslim fanatics, we should go at them directly. This “cleric” should be captured as an enemy soldier and, after thorough enhanced interrogation, placed in a humane prisoner of war facility until such time as the leasing Imams declare a truce, or until they die of old age.- whichever comes first. This guy is not really a criminal, as such, he is the enemy. His belief system has caused him to declare war on the world and there is nothing we can do about that except put him away. I’m not saying kill him, just lock him up where he can’t hurt anybody. What we are doing now is like jumping into a volcano in order to get rid of a case of fleas. There is a more intelligent way: get rid of the fleas and don’t bother jumping into the volcano. Let’s not hurt ourselves, let’s hurt the enemy…

  2. Chris I see nothing wrong with you idea, however I can see where our leftist will have massive problems with it, look at how they want to close Gitmo.

  3. Muslim men are encouraging other Muslim men to go to Syria. that way they get killed and those who stayed behind get their women.

    Unless 50% to 75% of men are kicked to the curb to live in poverty or are killed somehow, how are all the other men to get 3 or 4 wives?

    Mohammed was kicked to the curb by his uncle for year when his parents died. then his uncle changed his mind for some reason. Mohammed could have easily died that 1st year. He could have been caught stealing bread or died form exposure.

    It is nice that his uncle provided him with food and shelter. But why did he leave him to live in the street in the 1st place?

    In America the polygamists shown in “Sons of Perdition” (Hilldale, Utah) or Banished: The Lost Boys of Polygamy” (Warren Jeffs) use all sorts of ploys to get rid of males so that they have their optimal male-female ratio. They’ll say you talked to that girl or you looked too long at her. Then they run off the teenager clear out of town. One can only imagine what they would do if there were no FBI or state police. They may not run them out of town.

    In Muslim countries they let poverty and the strictures of the separation of the sexes do their work for them. Guys deprived of female company turn to male company. Poor men steal. Both are eliminated from society literally.. And voila, there are enough available women to warm the cockles of a polygamist.

    My point is there be as many Muslim kids born, because the number of females dominated by Muslims remains the same. A good drooling member of the German SPD will enforce hate speech laws before enforcing laws against polygamy.

  4. – Richard

    Leftists are the only reason we are having such a problem with these religious monkeys. Once you get on the left-wing bus, they’ll defend you forever, no matter how evil or ill-advised you are.

  5. – Red

    Polygamy! You know, I never put the two together until you said it just now. The “Mormons” in Bountiful basically bump off the young men, by working them for free and then kicking them out of the commune to go fend for themselves in the mainstream world. Those 50-year-old men in charge don’t exactly need 20-year-old men hanging around their women. Of course! That’s why the Imams seem so intent young Muslim men killed. What kind of a super-salesman do you have to be to convince your rival to go and commit suicide? Polygamy is harder on young men than anybody else. At least the girls get a place to live out of it. Gosh, you’ve got to be dumb to be a Muslim. The whole thing is nothing but a very evil plan to make life absolutely ducky for one long-dead man – Mohammed Abdallah.

  6. Question do we hate Muslims because there are physiologically different or talk funny?

    Let me answer that. My spouse is physiologically different. You know the whole different skin color and facial feature. And yes my spouse talks funny too. They speak perfect, unaccented English but their native language is a cipher to me.

    No my opposition to Islam is based on the fact that they kill us, otherwise oppress us, practice polygamy, practice FGM, otherwise oppress women, destroy all previous cultures, etc.

    Do I like someone like Warren Jeffs just because he is caucasian or some such lame leftist argument. No he is a polygamist. His kid have the numbers to elect or run out of office the local sheriff. So I believe that having a run in with the polygamists there would not be healthy financially or otherwise.

    I also believe if those same polygamists were a majority in several contiguous counties that life could get very exciting for someone who took a dim view of polygamy. It is the number games just like it is with the Muslims. Once they are a majority, their previous tolerance sloughs off and their true colors show. And they are white.

  7. “Polygamy is harmful to society, scholar finds

    Increased crime, prostitution and anti-social behaviour. Greater inequality between men and women. Less parental investment in children. And, a general driving down of the age of marriage for all women.”

    “Henrich is uniquely qualified to look at polygamy’s harm. He’s a member of the departments of economics, psychology and anthropology at the University of British Columbia and holds the Canada Research Chair in Culture, Cognition and Coevolution.”

  8. @ Chris

    I found this at, I know it is Salon, but not all of their readers are moonbats.


    Widespread acceptance and practice of polygamy is incompatible with a modern, egalitarian society.

    Polygamy–specifically one husband with multiple wives, since that’s the way it’s typically practiced–is unsustainable unless it’s confined to a small elite. Otherwise, you have too many “surplus” men who are cut off from having families and children off their own. In bronze age times, this worked out fine–send the men off to die in battle or work them to death as servants/slaves/serfs/low caste/whatever. This also had the effect of accumulating more wealth for the polygamous royalty/elite (assuming your side won).”

    I have to ask. Does this description of the Bronze age seem accurate?

  9. @ chris

    ‘Under the Banner of Heaven’

    Just providing you with ammunition (and myself). My computer crashed last year and my files are not organized so i am web searching.

    there was something about the Parthian or Persian empire where some men, nobles, had up to 20 wives. It created a real sociological problem. So to be against polygamy is not because a person dislike Mormons or Muslims. this has been a problem for a long time.

    Mohammed tried to solve this problem. He saw and suffered its’ effects. He could not sea the deal. But the Jefferson could not free all his slaves either.

  10. “This is one of the issues that I feel China will be struggling MIGHTILY with over the next few decades. With their ‘one-child’ policy and the heavy skew towards male children, China has a double digit sex-ratio imbalance (currently between 15-25%). Studies have posited that there will be as many as 40 million marriage-aged men who are unable to find partners.”

    And we do not have similar problems with Islam.

    A lot of those Jihadis go to war. The dead ones relieve the male to female imbalance created by the plutocrats in their communities.

    The one s that live get bragging right, fame, money from the Saudis and thus women. Plus all the rape that they can get away with.

  11. Red the sex imbalance is one of the reasons a lot of the Chinese neighbors are building up their military, not only does China need any mineral resources the also need their women and any portable treasure they have.

  12. @ Richard

    What kind of women do the Chinese men want or the government will let them have?

    Vietnamese, Korean, Russian. Burmese, Thai, Japanese or or tajiks?

  13. #5 Legal immigrant or legal immigrants?

    Legal immigrants should already have a job or a sponsor, so they should not really have a long term need (or a need at all except fiscal convenience).

    I am tied of the Catholic church supporting illegal immigration. charities have evolved. Doctors that treat cleft lip for example do not fly every year to some country and thump their chest. they train local doctors to their satisfaction and are a conduit to provide money. It is less of a footprint of westerners physically, but it is actually providing more assistance to more peple everywhere. the charity dollar is going farther. Why can’t the Catholic church adopt that model.

    Or is their model to drag 6 billion people to the western world and swamp the boat?
    The Pope is not up to speed with modernity (mode of the day). He neds to catch up.

    If Constantinople, Antioch, Carthage and Alexandria had not been overrun we would have prper debates and not a hegemony over the supposed truth of the gospels.

  14. Earth to Pope

    “Developing-world corrective surgery charities send volunteer surgeons overseas and/or fund local surgeons to correct conditions.”

    This is not where I saw the story where certain charities are transitioning from “sending volunteer surgeons overseas” to “funding (and training) local surgeons to correct conditions.”

    The latter leaves more money left over for actual work as opposed to travel.

    The RCC could do the same, except in some places they would need a military escort to keep a known group of people from stealing aid, raping nuns and killing priests.

  15. Red I don’t think most of the men care about the race of the women, they want a woman. I do know that gangs in China kidnap women from the country, take them to the city and sell them as wives, then a week later steal them are resell them.

  16. @ Richard

    It is somewhat fanciful I admit. but if the government got involved to address this problem i wonder what country they would invade to fix the imbalance.

    When the Chinese invaded Vietnam they took huge casualties over a border dispute or whatever.
    They had just helped Vietnam during the Vietnam War to the hilt. They stationed 800,000 soldier in Chinese uniform to deter the U.S from attacking North Vietnam to prevent it from supporting the Viet Cong and ending the war on American terms.

    800,000 men could do a lot of mapping of terrain, factories, bridges just casually.

    Here is my point. China won (if you can call it that) the border war. they savaged the Vietnamese. But the casualties were extremely high. I though that they had used a lot reserves or locals form souther china and not some many front line troops.

    Was that to

    a) adjust the sex ration into balance (even subconsciously),
    b) to get rid of some southerners, or
    c) mere military incompetence (Occam’s razor would vote this way)?

  17. @ Richard

    My view about the the Sino Vietnamese war came from the MSM. I thought they had north of 60,000 casualties. After further reading and thought, I am going to have to rethink my view. So much for reading Time.Newsweek and US News & World Report which were my main source of news along with the big newspapers.

  18. Red look at the human wave attacks in Korea, the Chinese kept up the artillery barrages until they were taking visible causalities from their own artillery. Their military doctrine has always considered their grunts to be fungible, so any war/fight they enter they don’t look at the number of causalities to decide if it was a good idea. In fact some studies say that if the Chinese fight a nuclear war and lose between half to two thirds of their population but emerge with the same type of government they would consider this a victory.

    The first places to be invaded would be Taiwan and Singapore, they wouldn’t get that many women but they would get a lot of treasure and the raw materials the factories in those nations have. After that it would be the Philippines, the Japanese Islands up to and including Okinawa or Nam and Laos. In thinking about where they will invade look for the mineral resources they need as well as the treasure they need to fund the war, the women and the lose of men are a beneficial side effect.

  19. @ Richard

    I have kids. I visit China sometimes. This is not an academic point. Daughters can be kidnapped. It has happened before in China (have not hear of anything recently but media tends to spotlight, move on and rarely monitors). In China there are 40 million bare twigs as they euphemistically put it. Sons can be forcibly conscripted and chewed up in combat. The Germans and Russian both forcibly conscripted (Ukranians were conscripted by the Germans. Seydlitz troops fought for Russia. The other choice was to work in condemned mines or Siberia. This also is not a history book type of thing for me. I have an uncle who survived that).

    I really don’t want to fight. I have relatives from all over. A lot of fights are useless. They are done for jingoistic reason or for the elite. But sometimes you just have to fight.

    I really do not want to be on vacation in the wrong country visiting in laws or other relatives , when the balloon goes up.

    Most politicians do not have skin in the game. Lindsey Graham and Biden’s son are safely in the rear as Military lawyers at large basis when they do serve (REMFs Rear Echelon MFs).

    McCain’s sons are an exception. I salute their service. they definitely have skin in the game. their old man is still wrong though on so many issues.

    As I said politicians do not for the most part have skin in the game. They are mostly lawyers who have no grounding in military science. They have no clue.

  20. “Red the old Chinese maps called Nam further south”

    I know, but keep it coming.

    I look forward to your posts, those of Softly Bobs (here and on FPM), Blert (LWJ) and another regular on LWJ.

  21. Red I think you are making a mistake a lot of people make, they are looking at the number of causalities rather then the percentage of the military force, 60,000 of 800,000 is a 7.5% causality rate, which is very low. Just as the US causality rate in the current war is so 73%that it is astonishing. In most wars the US causality rate is around 25% with the civil war being the exception.

    The MSM fosters this mistake so they can use low causality rates to try to destroy Republican Presidents. One way the percentage use makes sense is to look at teh percentage of causalities the US has taken since Obama came into office. 73% ( some where near this number) of the causalities in the current war occurred while Obama has been in office.

    I know this one is a year old and says two thirds.

  22. You don’t have to explain the meaning of REMF for my benefit, I served a 3 year hitch in the Army during Nam, I was a microwave radio repairman.

    Most politicians find ways to keep their sons our of the military or combat if they do serve. This is something makes middle America mad but we can’t do anything about it.

  23. I was a REMF. It was mostly safe. Occasional mortar attacks.

    I found this interesting. The left has a lot to apologize for.

    “Some troops engaged in this war, especially engineering units, railway corps, logistical units and antiaircraft units, had been assigned to assist North Vietnam in its war against South Vietnam just a few years'” -wiki

    Wiki is saying that 200,000 invaded, but that 800,000 were mobilized with some obviously in reserves if needed in the south and a whole boatload mobilized in case Russia tried to help its’ ally.

    I thought the rule of thumb in (American) military circles was that 15% casualties were the cutoff. That you did not really plan offensives if you were going to take more than 15% casualties. I thought I read about this when reading about Omaha beach. I did read that research has show that most every unit breaks when it it hits 50% casualties elite or not. There is a lot of psychology there. It is getting to be more science and less art. But i think there will always be some art in it.

    Then there is the don’t generally attack unless you have 3 to 1 odds in your favor.

    I know I would have to get into the weeds to see if the Chinese operation was planned well, led well, by well trained troops. The death rate is between 4% (< 7,000) to 30% (60,000) depending on who believe and they are both untrustworthy. And that depends on troops actually committed.

    In the end I do not know. I would like to know so as to see how it affected the leaders decision making in foreign policy of both sides.

    I spent some time reading up on John McCain yesterday. I do not think he did anything to keep his sons out of harms way in the military. So I will give him that. But I think he is too old or to uniformed to continue to hold office.

  24. Blue I don’t know the exact percentage when a unit breaks, I know during WWII the Marines took 60% causalities at the Battle of Belleau Wood, and then counterattacked.

    I also know that when I was serving 20 to 25 percent causalities was considered grounds to cal in the artillery to cover a withdrawal.

    However both of those figures are American troops, different cultures can suffer different causality rates and not collapse. The rates will vary according to the value the cultures place on human life and the amount of discipline given and the type of mission they are trained for. If the units are shock troops they are trained to take much higher causalities, for instance look at the causality rates of the first wave units on the beach landings in the Pacific during WWII.

    My point was that you don’t want to concentrate on the number of causalities but the percentage of all of the troops involved. If 200,000 were involved then it was 30% which is high. Of course the traditional rivalry between China and Nam would also affect the number of causalities the units would take without breaking.

  25. @ Richard

    About casualties and unit morale and 50%. That was a study. I had no reason to believe that the people doing the analysis had a agenda. That does not mean they will dinf the truth, but it makes their efforts less suspect in my eyes.

    I did hedge. I used the qualifier “most”.

    There would be other factors such as faith, need, Death Ground (Sun Tzu), knowledge or awareness of what is happening to the rest of your unit, etc.

    Your point is taken on Belleau Wood and overall.

    I walked Gettysburg. I believe one Union unit opposing Picket’s charge took 80% casualties. I walked the whole battle field. Most people drive thru these places like Chevy Chase on Family Vacation. when he did stop he put arms around his kids shoulders stood looking at the Grand Canyon nodded his head 3 times and then they left. That is how most people study battlefields. But they know Kim and Kanye.

  26. I remembered 80%. Maybe I remembered incorrectly. I knew it was horrendous

    ” In one famous incident, he sacrificed a regiment, the 1st Minnesota, by ordering it to advance and charge a Confederate brigade four times its size, causing the Minnesotans to suffer 87% casualties.’

    The 50% rule I take as rule of thumb not like a on/off switch.

    I just keep in mind the relationship of casualties and morale. Some people would remark duh they are inversely related. But if war is to be more science than art, I would like to know the threshold based on human and group psychology.

    Me I would rather we all be shopkeepers or farmers, who undertake serious drill on the green, but are so serious and prepared that we never have to fight.

    Not Happening.

  27. Not a very good rule of thumb, but since it is probably a recent one what do you expect? This varies according to the culture and how much the troops support the war, the Civil War had almost religious fervor on both sides. Nam on the other had had fear, everyone knew what would happen to you if you were captured and they refused to be captured, this is why the Viets talked about the fanatical bravery of the American troops.

    Rules of thumb about when a unit will break are almost almost useless, all of the reasons I have listed in various posts add into to when a unit breaks and when it doesn’t. You have to be on the ground and know the troops involved to know when they will break.

    Also it depends on how many long term pros are in the unit, the worse thing you can do is get a group of older pros in a position where the choice is surrender or die, quite often they will decide to teach you not to do that. You can buy the land they are holding but you won’t like the price, it will be all out of proportion to the damage you are doing to them.

  28. Having said that any unit suffering 50% or higher causalities needs to be pulled off the line and let rest while replacements are integrated into the unit.

  29. A person might not get it into a function such as f = g (x,y,z) , but I think it is important for commanders all the way up and down to be cognizant of the factors such as culture, religious fervor, enemy treatment of prisoners, death ground, etc.

    I just read a book on the Waffen SS called my “Loyalty is my Honor” (Not quit e a good enough system). They certainly had more than 50% casualties all the time. Some time between January 1945 and April 1945 their morale broke. Or maybe I am wrong in my description. They were not attacking in a different direction, but they were certainly marching to the American front lines and delaying Russian movement or attacking thru Russian held areas.
    By April more units seem not to be integrated but on their own, fighting only to be able to head west to surrender to the Americans.

    Your last paragraph: Ya that is death ground. At the Battle of Mohi, the Mongols pressed their enemies hard but only on 3 sides. They wanted people to think they could escape by running so they left one side open. It worked.

  30. The disintegration of the SS during the latter stages of WWII was caused by their knowledge that the war was lost and that they were on the list of automatic arrest with probably execution or long prison sentences for war crimes. They worked hard to avoid capture by any of the allies but especially the Russians, part of the reason for their long delaying fight was so their leaders could get money transferred to neutral countries where they could buy false identity papers and to set up the mechanisms for smuggling the survivors out of Europe and into South America. This was the real Odessa File that the film was based on, the fact that we are still finding surviving camp guards and other SS and Gestapo personal living in South America and nations that defeated the Nazi’s shows how effective the Odessa organization was, and possibly still is.

    Remember the SS for the most part (the enlistees not the draftees (yes you could be drafted into the SS) were taught that Hitler was a demigod at worst, they fought with religious fervor and then were fighting for their lives, they knew that surrender was an almost certain path to execution.

    My point is that there are many factors determining when or if a unit will break and that any rule of thumb is going to be wrong over half the time. This is something most people doing the studies either don’t understand or willfully dismiss.

  31. One of the people interviewed for the book mentioned that in April all their officers were gone. I have problems with German officer names, but I looked this up and he was an officer, a lieutenant. So I am thinking dude you are an officer!

    So I think he meant all officers above company level. With this whole Odessa thing I think that means he didn’t know the secret handshake.

    Anyway that was the eastern front in Poland/East Germany.

    In Austria/Hungary they were a little more organized.

    My parents met some sort of German Officer in Peru while on vacation back in the 1970s. I don’t know what branch. He would have to been in Cuzco or La Paz or the the surrounding area.

  32. I like that about the secret handshake, probably someone high up disliked him or they knew he wasn’t a true believer Nazi. No one knows how many made it to South America, how much money was waiting for them or how much of South America is now owned by the kids and grand kids of Nazi’s.

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