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13 Replies to “More brutal and violent racism in the US”

  1. Male at the bottom of the bell curve, believes sex with babies cures HIV and in his skin-color makes him a victim without responsibility – That’ll be the ‘Black Spring.’

    His Cultural Marxist Jihad. What yours?

  2. Sadly this type of attack has become much more frequent , some are racist in nature others are perpetrated within an ethnic group. A culture of violence is sweeping across the country. These fearal unsupervised minors, and sometimes adults usually pick on a weak target, such as a lone, or elderly person. Some of these brazen assaults are filmed and put on social media for bragging rights, some are part of the vicious gang culture including initiation ‘rights’ that infests many of our cities. As usual the police are mum on the particulars of these assaults, and heaven forbid that the MSM do honest and objective reporting. Due to their liberal bias and the fact that they are shit scared of the Sharktons and the Hijacksons accusing them of racism. A problem cannot be addressed if no one will recognize it.

  3. Well I watched it. the police commissioner was being oh so careful about declaring it a hate crime.

    Sometimes you have to investigate and sometime is is “prima facie” evident what something is. By not labeling it a hate crime are we suppose to go to sleep and not follow up on the adjudication of the case. If we do not monitor will they just FAIL to add hate crime charges because those of course according to the left can only go one way?

  4. And we all know ex-wives never say anything bad about ex-husbands or lie about them, especially if there are custody or monetary disputes. Never.

  5. Eeyore ……You guys are talking about different incidents

    Yes I clicked on the UK video without seeing the US one. two separate incidents, same hate.

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