News links for Sept. 9 2013 – 2

1. Is Obama a dangerous amateur at directing US foreign policy or is he a genius at acting against it? 

“Not since the disintegration of the Soviet Union in 1991, and before that the fall of France in 1940, has there been so swift an erosion of the world influence of a Great Power as we are witnessing with the United States.”

2. Afghan women raped and sold into slavery, traded like cattle in the most Islamic place on earth.

3. Saudi Arabia: Secret memo says more than 1,200 prisoners fought Assad regime to avoid beheading.

4. There are a number of videos appearing with parts of the Rose-Assad interview today. I suspect that when the whole interview is broadcast efforts should be made to watch it all in context. What a sad day when a tyrant like that seems so much more rational and fair than the POTUS.

5. The permit for the 2 Million bike ride to counter the million-muslim march in DC was denied. The ride is to proceed anyway.

6. Here is one of the clips on the Assad interview.

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  1. #1 More people are waking up to what Obama is doing, unfortunately not enough to remove him from office. Many people are going to die because of his treason.

    #2 if we don’t win the war of survival this will start happening in the west.

    #3 The Middle East is the only place that will do this, they think war crimes is normal war.

    #5 At least some people think we are still free, and realize that the police can’t arrest all of the riders.

  2. Russia: Chechen riots after mosque loses text vote

    A government-sponsored contest to select 10 symbols of Russia has ended in controversy after the country’s biggest mosque was removed from the top spot.

    The Ahmad Kadyrov mosque in Grozny, capital of Muslim-dominated Chechnya, unexpectedly topped the list of contenders for months. But just a day before voting closed in the second round, it dropped to number two.

    Ramzan Kadyrov, Chechnya’s president (and son of Ahmad), reacted angrily, and accused Russia’s two major mobile operators of rigging the text voting. In the days that followed, angry Chechens attacked the companies’ offices in Grozny, forcing one of them to suspend local operations.

    In the end, organisers reviewed the result, making the mosque joint winner alongside the Kolomna Kremlin, outside Moscow. They said voting had been skewed by hackers and “bots” voting multiple times. A scarcely credible 52 million votes had been registered on the final day of round two.

    In a similar row in 2008, a government-backed contest to select the greatest Russians saw Stalin and Lenin lose the lead amid similar controversy.

  3. Re # 3, they’ve been doing this for many years. The Egyptians did it as well, when they emptied their prisons, sending the ex-muslim brotherhood prisoners in the direction of afghanistan to fight jihad against the Russians in the early 80s. This is when Al Qaeda was born, as Ayman al Zawahiri was one of them. He teamed up with OBL, and the rest is history.

  4. RE; # 2 As the last group of the ‘international peacekeepers’ or alleged ‘nation builders’ vacates the country , mass murder, mayhem, and a return to a ‘religious concentration camp will be the norm. The whole escapade is one big waste of precious lives and billions of dollars. What started out as a ‘mission to destroy the Taliban and Al Queda turned out to be pay day for the ‘military indu$trial complex’ and the puppet government. Political Correctness and the asinine ‘rules of engagement’ made any type of decent outcome impossible.

  5. RE # 5 Sadly the sick and ‘police state’ mentality of the regime will be focused by thr DC police on some motorcycle riders, to teach to masses a lesson. The police will no doubt ‘find’ violations and enforce every traffic law on the books to the fullest extent on the few they can snag. I hope everyone practicing their right to travel unrestricted has all of their documents and their bike is compliant with the rules ans specifications

  6. #3 I thought we had done the same in WW2. I thought convicted murderers could join the airborne at the beginning of the war as it was dangerous with over 80% – 90% casualties for Pathfinders. But I could find no mention other than the Filthy 13 (who were not convicts nor rapist or murders). Maybe the British did temporarily, I don’t know. The Russians and Germans sure did.

    The thing is the Americans executed its’ soldiers, who raped and murdered. They executed around 200 during Normandy Campaign. That is not something Muslims would do. Once in uniform the Germans would also execute people, who committed crimes.

  7. I have watched the “sarin attack video” repeatedly and I cannot see one thing in it that could not have been accomplished by actors and a few props. Just as Adolf Hitler did in WWII and the “Palestinians” did in the last two Gaza Wars, there is every possibility that these “shocking” videos are fake, fake, fake. Arabs do it all the time. I’ve gotten so I can spot a Palywood production. And as for the streaming eyes and the puffy faces, they could have gotten that with a small dose of readily available pepper spray, or by putting cayenne powder in water and spraying it in the face. Why has this not even occurred to John Kerry and John McCain? As Putin says. “If they don’t have proof that they can show, then they don’t have proof.” Plain and simple. Just another lying Hillary, or the Israelis saying “trust me”, isn’t good enough in these times of such blatant lying…

  8. Red during WWII some low level non violent crooks were allowed to volunteer to get out of the pen, and some juvenile delinquents who had just turned 18 were given the choice of enlisting or going to the pen but the only case of hard core prisoners used by the US was fiction. Which doesn’t stop Hollywood from spreading that idea.

  9. @ Richard

    I had thought so because of Hollywood until I read a piece on the Real Dirty dozen (The Filthy 13) in SOFREP.COM

    I still think the British did something like that when it came to airborne, but I really don’t know. I web searched it and found nothing so far. Maybe it is a false notion planted by the Hollywood movie “The Dirty Dozen”

  10. Since I can’t afford to subscribe I can’t read the article. However I have read extensively on WWII and have never come across anything like you are describing, and have trouble believing the stories. The military depends on discipline, usually self discipline to achieve its goals, the violent criminal is by definition undisciplined and is usually incapable of being disciplined without using methods that have been banned since the latter part of the 10th Century. Even then the forces were often nothing but military robots in suicide units, something that is not really a good use of your limited resources.

    Remember the military wants their soldiers to be capable of controlling the violence and using it intelligently, they don’t want excessive aggression since that leads to war crimes and executions.

  11. Also non of my Uncles or Cousins that were in WWII ever mentioned it, in fact almost all of them thought the Dirty Dozen was a good story but unworkable in real life.

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