News links for Sept. 9 2013 – 1

1. Syrian and British jets face off in middle eastern skies.

RAF Typhoon fighters won a mid-air showdown with two Syrian warplanes heading towards Britain’s main base in Cyprus, the Sunday People reports.

The dramatic confrontation came after President Bashar Al-Assad’s air chiefs sent two Russian-made Sukhoi Su-24s to probe British air defenses, the report said.

2. Quebec premiere blames multiculturalism for unrest and bombs in Britain. Now feels she should apologize for any offense. 

QUEBEC – Quebec Premier Pauline Marois says she didn’t mean to offend anyone with comments blaming multiculturalism for social unrest and bombs in Britain.

She said her comments were made in the context of a discussion about different models of integration around the world.

3. Would you pay on average $1 million dollars for a Somali immigrant? Norway does.

4. German convert to Islam holds public jihad drive for Syria. (H/T M)

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  1. 3/ If Norway is getting two Paki permanent wards of the state for roughly the price of one Somali permanent ward of the state, then Somalis, as immigrants, obviously are half the burden on society of Pakis and twice as desirable. I’m a little surprised that a Minister for Children, Equality and Social Inclusion isn’t able to work that out for herself.

  2. Question: – Do you have any financial limit on how many immigrants Norway can accept?

    Answer: “The starting point must be human rights obligations. Today there are Somalis who are fleeing from war. We have no guarantee that our descendants will not need a safe haven.”

    – Children, Equality and Social Inclusion Minister Inga Marte Thorkildsen (SV) to ABC News.

    Thorkildsen is guaranteeing that her descendants or those of other Norwegians will be refugees. Inga is a war criminal. She commits crimes via her utter stupidity.

    Simple what will happen to Norwegians is what is now happening to Pakistani or Syrian Christians. she knows this and ignores this. She is a modern day Quisling.

  3. A title like “Minister for Children, Equality and Social Inclusion” is like all the euphemism that the left shows that they care or that they use to obfuscate.

    These leftists wring their hand in concern so often and so hard, I am surprised they do not DE-GLOVE themselves.

  4. 1. Syrian and British jets face off in middle eastern skies.

    David Cameron’s options were closed by parliament. However, a Syrian AF strike could release him from the parliament’s bind.

    It is really sad that I have no faith in anything that is said by anyone in power.

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