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4 Replies to “Putin seems to draw his own lines without referring to lines”

  1. Putin would make a better U.S. President than Obama. The one time KGB spy is probably quite brutal in his own way, and although his government stifle free speech to some extent, they don’t seem to do it has much as the Democrats do. Plus Putin is a real leader, unlike Obama who is a devious, hapless coward.

  2. Obama, a two-bit Chicago shakedown-hustler is no match for Putin, a mafia-hoodlum. Different leagues.
    Obama’s instinctive bowing is a ‘tell’ to the dominant males he takes it in the rear.
    We are all primates. Some are closer to nature than others. The psycho-warriors are watching how one man’s saving vanity is another’s annihilation.


    Chemical weapons have been used in Syria. There is no clear evidence either way that the Assad government did it, it could have been the rebels. The rebels are mainly Sunni Muslims that are supported by al-Qaeda. These same rebels have been attacking Christians.
    Obama nevertheless wants to assist the rebels.

    Syria and Iran have both said that there will be an attack on Israel if the U.S. attack Assad’s regime or assist the rebels.
    Obama nevertheless wants to assist the rebels.

    What does this tell you?
    That Obama is Sunni Muslim supporting, Christian-hating, Israel-hating scumbag.
    He needs no other reasons to want a strike on Syria. Chemical weapons are a convenient excuse. Putin can say what he likes, Obama isn’t listening.
    If Obama fails to attack Syria it will because he will be afraid of repercussions by Putin and not because Putin convinces him that he is morally wrong. Obama does not care which side used chemical weapons. Obama is not interested in facts. He only needs excuses.
    He has a definite and evil political agenda that he wishes to see through to the end.

  4. perfectchild, your take on the “cheap two-bit Chicago shakedown-hustler” is on the money.
    Softly, you said it. Taqiyya straight down the line.

    But we’re fortunate to have as a confederate the master himself, Lucifer Putin. His RT is invaluable.
    Just look at the demeanor of American reporters as they interview him, the opulence of setting, his pitch-perfect response. He’s in a position to twist our flaccid western carcass inside out.

    Between viral videos of executions that made it to the MSM, & serving as Putin’s bitch at the G20, Obama’s been taken aback. Maybe for the first time ever.

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