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3 Replies to “Lara Logan 2012 speech on administration lies about Afganistan”

  1. Putin also makes it clear that he is not going to stand by if America attacks Syria. It is veiled but clear.

    This can get very serious.

  2. I can’t imagine what lies they must have to tell in order to justifying putting this story on the spike the way they did. Lara has the best credentials you can imagine, including being gang-raped by a mob of Muslim males in Tahrir Square Egypt – which ought to get her at least a thirty-second listen from any passing lefty. But the Democrat agents buried it.

    I remember when this came out, just before the 2012 US election, how the polls showed that the average American believed that foreign policy was actually Obama’s strong suit – the economy being the area of concern. Then Lara Logan comes out and says the whole Afghan thing is a pack of lies and a huge failure, and the media simply isn’t interested. Then Ambassador Chris Stevens is murdered in Libya, with the possibility that al-Hussein was watching the whole thing on drone-TV in the situation room and actually withheld aid to the dying Americans – sorry, but that’s what it looks like – and the press isn’t interested again. Imagine the Alamo, and then imagine a US president having it within his power to send in the cavalry, and then telling that cavalry to “Stand down”.

    As I said, I have never met anybody who saw the Logan video. And how about that video of Bob Woodward himself stating clearly that Benghazi is a bigger story than Watergate and should be investigated to the fullest. Gee, it disappeared too – how about that. Now? I guess Bob is now an extreme right wing hate monger, I suppose…

    How about the entire Rodney King tape that Rush Limbaugh showed on his TV show? The thing that we saw over and over again on TV was an edited version that made it look like a swarm of white cops beating a defenseless black man. The entire video revealed the fact that Rodney must have been one of the biggest, strongest men ever to walk the earth, and he was throwing those cops around like little bowling pins, even lying flat on his back in handcuffs after six taser hits. He was even taking them down with his feet. That’s why they were laughing. – it was a ludicrous situation. That’s why the jury didn’t convict them in the first place.Nobody can beat up cops lying on his back in handcuffs, but Rodney was…They never showed that and there were terrible riots and death as a direct result of their lies-of-omission. They had to pound Rodney King. The cops can’t just let you go once they’ve taken you down after a high-speed car chase – they will be fired for malfeasance if they do that, and probably charged as well. They have to apprehend you, no matter what.

    I’m tellin’ ya. Barrack Hussein Obama is firmly on the other side. And if you actually take the time to look at the “birth certificate” that al-bin Husseini Lion of the Desert showed after The Donald forced him to, you will notice that it says, “Computer generated facsimile” on the bottom. I believe that means, doesn’t it, that Barack bin al-Osama actually got away with never showing his birth certificate, and nobody seems to have noticed it but me and Sheriff Joe.

    The story of the Emperor’s New Clothes made a great impact on me when I was a kid and I’ve always been fascinated/horrified by how accurately that story describes the way the average person thinks. They don’t! Not even one little bit. 99% of the human race are big wooly sheep who are basically too busy with their lives to notice what’s going on around them so they just bah along with everybody else. Obama could dress up in a Hitler uniform and they wouldn’t notice if the mainstream media didn’t tell them what to think..

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