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5 Replies to “Syria. U.B. the judge”

  1. There’s no recoil and no muzzle flash and there appears to be no baseplate assembly either. A 120, as this appears to be, is not a spigot mortar and the twist of its rifling in no way corresponds to the number of turns which these towelheads are applying to this jackleg round which appears to have been fitted so tightly into that tube that any actual charge would have blown the thing to pieces. And can anyone detect any acceleration or movement in that round as it is supposedly being launched?

  2. I saw the recoil. Looked like normal light artillary to me.

    For me the evidence would be in subtleties of the men in the video. In natural things they would not think to mimic. Do they seem syrain or foreign? Soldiers or non disciplined guerillas? That would be what one should examine.

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