News and links for Sept. 5 2013 – 2

1. Al-Qaeda Vows to Slaughter Christians After U.S. ‘Liberates’ Syria

Arabic news agency Al Hadath gives more information concerning this latest terror attack on Syria’s Christians, specifically how the al-Qaeda linked rebels “terrorized the Christians, threatening to be avenged on them after the triumph of the revolution.”

2. The original book review that was pulled from Front Page Mag of Diana West’s important book on communist infiltration of the US government for most of the cold war.

3. Syria: Islamist Rebels Fire Gas Cylinder Into Hospital ‘With Allah’s Permission’

4. Rumsfeld on Syria, red lines and the new caliphate

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  1. Reuters says the hospital smelled like Chlorine in the air. Daily mail reports say it had a ‘foul-smelling’ orange-brown gas.

    Sarin if made correctly (which I doubt) is odorless. The Japanese Sarin attack they said it smells like mustered or other said it was like burning rubber.

    The Video clearly shows a Gas Cloud which Sarin is a clear colorless liquid.

  2. Miss Trixie … maybe you didn’t get it. Those are the so called rebels who we are fighting with the same people that took down the WTC.

  3. Big Frank:

    I can think of one and only one reason we would fight for the coming of the Mahdi if for no other reason to replace the all Mohammad words in the Koran with whatever this guy says.

  4. #2

    I think Diana West is doing important research and breaking new ground. The whole idea of “Post Modernism” is probably a communist plot designed to weaken the West’s fighting spirit and to slow its progress down in general.The entire Hippy movement of the sixties and the New Left that came along with it.and then became the new normal, are the stupidest most illogical things ever. Human beings in North America were enjoying a better standard of living than any large population in the history of the human race, with more rights and freedoms, and here are the post modernists saying that it’s all gotta change, that it’s all rotten to the core. That makes no sense when you think about it – does it…

    Sixties post modernism is like a fire-the-coach movement when the team has taken home the Stanley Cup three years in a row. It’s obvious if one simply looks at it. And why do they refer to Adolf Hitler as “right wing”? How is Hitler the same as Churchill and Thatcher. Nobody questions this kind of thing. They’ve got us fooled completely. They spoon feed us this garbage at school – it’s in the textbooks.

  5. My thinking on the West’s policy since 9/11 has been that America and the West set out to establish a new world order.

    After 9/11 America, was confronted by an attack that was more devastating then Peal Harbour, but the attackers were a gang of 19 men who were devout Muslims. How was America to exact retribution when no one state was guilty of 9/11, except Saudi Arabia in a second hand way.?

    The problem would have been handed to the strategic planners within the governments of the US and UK, to come up with a long term policy (like that used against the Warsaw Pact), that had certain policy outcomes

    1. The entire Islamic world, bar nations such as the Gulf states, who already were satellites, to be brought under control.

    2. To isolate Russia and China from the new world order – the old world order of post WWII, was no longer sustainable..

    3. The policy would be effectively a Final Crusade (GWB actually let slip what it was, but quickly walked it back), but no mention of Islam must be made i.e., it was going to be carried out under various guises – WMDs, or bringing Democracy and Human rights etc, depending on the circumstances. In fact “Democracy” would be a weapon of choice to sow chaos in the Islamic world.

    So has been the case in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt. Other Islamic nations such as Pakistan, Yemen have been destabilized by proxy. The policy has been eminently successful till now.

    As in post WWII Germany and Japan, American bases will remain in Afghanistan and Iraq after the main troops have been withdrawn.

    For Egypt the calculation was that the a MB Egypt will be grateful to the US, and on its knees economically, to allow total access to the USA.

    Unfortunately the Egyptian army had other plans. Thus the USA, after a few negative statements, has accepted the army for the time being. Wait and see is the policy here.

    Now look at the map of the ME. Syria is the one majority Sunni country that is preventing a continuous Sunni land mass from Turkey to Morocco. In addition Syria is allied to Russia. In line with this policy, Assad has to be overturned, and Syria handed over to Muslim Brotherhood, even though its ranks are full of human eating mass murderers. In fact the worse they are the better, as they will reduce Syria to yet another beggar nation, on its knees to the West. Christians are merely collateral damage in a far reaching re-drawing the political and strategic map.

    Note that in all this, the entire Western world has gone along shoulder to shoulder, with not one exception. They have stood together, even though there have been changes in government from Right to Left and back. Even Sweden has troops in Afghanistan, and at one time Switzerland as well. This is absolutely amazing when you think about it.

    It was this curious behaviour by all Western countries, that made me think that there was more to all this then just WMDs and our concern for Human Rights in the Islamic world.

    Unfortunately for the US and the West, Russia has cottoned on to this, and is a player in Syria.

    I have no liking for Obama, but I cannot hold him responsible for what is happening now. He has no option but to go forward with the policy. Cameron, realized that a Russian dog was in the game, and got out of the Syrian mess by way of Commons vote. I think Obama too will get out of the Syrian mess by way of a congressional vote. Syria is proving like the former Yugoslavia when the Iron curtain came down.

    However the “Final Crusade” policy will remain for another 50 years, as GWB let slip.

  6. DP I don’t think you could possibly be more wrong. We in the west don’t have anything remotely resembling a long term strategy. Crusade? Ha ha. We can’t even identify the ideology we are fighting. We can’t even agree that we are fighting for our survival.

    We know that Islam wants a world califate. We know how they intend to achieve it. We should take steps to oppose it. Instead we encourage this cancer to spread.

    How do we encourage this ideology to spread? Immigration is one way, welfare is another, foriegn aid, and silencing anyone who would point out the obvious fact that this is a death struggle between two very different civilizations.

  7. Anonymous

    I would be very disappointed if we didn’t have long term strategies. We did when we were in confrontation with the Warsaw pact. I see no difference now with a resurgent Islam.

  8. Anon wrote: We know that Islam wants a world califate. We know how they intend to achieve it. We should take steps to oppose it. Instead we encourage this cancer to spread.

    What we if we did want a caliphate as a prelude to something else?

  9. Frank you are right about who is calling the tune Obama dances to, he is not finding that the American people are upset enough to worry the Democrats and doesn’t know what to do.

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