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7 Replies to “Muslim Brotherhood supporters chant stuff and use the new 4 finger symbol to protest Egyptian actress in Malmo Sweden”

  1. So, let’s get real. Every single person in that chanting crowd is a terrorist supporter and an enemy of the people of Sweden – not most of them, but every single one of them. Army trucks should pull up, men with guns should round up those enemy soldiers, and they should be taken to a humane, Geneva Convention compliant POW facility far, far away. There’s no need for a trial. Standing on the street shouting Allahu Akbar is exactly the same as shouting “Heil Hitler!” while holding your arm out. It means, “I am the enemy – please shoot me before I shoot you!”.

  2. The Muslim Brotherhood is currently running a new propaganda campaign since they whre thrown out of power in Egypt. Whereas they used to go on about sharia law, Israel, antisemitism and more adherence to islam, its precepts and so on, now they are back to trying to lull the West into a false sense of liberalism, which they feel, was what worked in terms of getting the West to back them in the original ‘Arab spring’. So they designed a new logo which is the 4 fingered hand to represent some town where some religious Muslims or MB members where killed by police or the military and they chant about wanting democracy, which is quite amusing as Morsi and other senior MB members are well on record opposing it in strident terms. If you search for the Ikhwan 4 finger logo you will find a lot on it. They use this symbol everywhere. it is a very coordinated propaganda effort to try and get people to forget the constitution that they passed the first chance they got.

  3. I gotta start muting these clips. Like a myna bird, I’m picking up the chants, muttering to myself, they’re echoing like elevator-music….

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