News and links for Sept. 4 2013 – 1

1. Sometimes a thing is so PC that one has to wonder if it wasn’t done more for the optics than for desire. This would be one of those. I wonder what his fellow tards would say about his transformation as a general rule.

2. BBC does what I think may be the single funniest video since the blake-up of Monty Pyfon’s Frying Cilcus.

3. Endless Extermination of Christians: How Much Do We Care?

4. Russia blames rebels for March chemical attack in Syria

5. Richard Dawkins on Intelectual nonsense.

(I can’t find much to improve on in this short segment of Dawkins discussing the nature of irrational religious thought. I do think one should not discount the benefit religion offers however. Romantic love is also an illusion but without it human life would be much the poorer. So its not about religion or love. Its about which one, and whom, much like political systems are necessary and because Nazism and Communism where bad, doesn’t mean all political systems should be abandoned.)

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  1. Right this very moment (Sept 4, 2013, GMT 19:15) Secretary Kerry and his buddies are being quizzed by the US Foreign Affairs Committee, assuring the States about their absolutely watertight plan (how to punish Assad and how to eventually support and or rely on the “good rebels”). Reality on the ground in Syria looks like this:

    FSA Battalions Merge with al-Qaeda in Damascus and Aleppo (YT/Eretz Zen, Sept 3, 2013)

  2. – WrathofKhan

    How much more of a smoking gun do we need to see that the “rebels” in Syria are the exact same guys who did 9/11 and the Madrid bombing and Beslan, and so on and so on? I can’t believe it. There’s a whole room full of bearded religious fanatics holding hands and shouting “Allahu Akbar”, and the American Government and the media just can’t seem to figure out who the bad guys are. I’ll bet if the terrorists had signs hanging around their necks that said, “I am a bad guy”, the mainstream media and the government would still miss it. And if the mainstream media doesn’t acknowledge something, that something does not exist. It’s that simple.

  3. “‘I tried to do macho things you know to stop how I was thinking, but it didn’t work because I was trying to be someone I wasn’t,’

    Lucy says she signed up to the TA arm of the Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Regiment in 2006 at the age of 21 to try and make himself more manly.”

    from the daily mail story

    The American psychiatric association is flat out wrong. This dysphoria is just using Latin or Greek to sound intelligent. It seems to me that most of these transexuals and others are upset that they are not all that. They are not the jock, the big man on campus (BMOC) or prom king. The women are not prom queen, a guy or the beauty queen.

    Well they need to get over it. The American revolutionary hero Ethan Allen was very tall and very strong. But his father told him something important. He said however strong or tall you are they will be someone taller or stronger. The same goes with beauty (which has a large subjective component anyway). Not that Allen was not sociable, but his father did not want him trying to solve his problems with brute force or think that he was all that. It served him well when he met Benedict Arnold. He got the better of Arnold. Point is is that someone will be better than you at some time or place so a person should not get all hung up about it even if you the top dog in your little backwater. People need to focus on themselves as whole person.

    An interesting experiment would be to go back in time (if only by looking/scrying ) and have experts rank Vallender in the pecking order of his grade school and neighborhood. I bet he ranked low. That is the source of his problem.

    People have to understand that some genes in humans are antagonistic.Genes that make a woman look good or perform well (carrying babies, etc) do not make for a guy who is going to be a great jock. and it works the other way around. It is not fair, but hey life is not fair.

    But as unfair as life is our civil rights are equal and how we teat each other should be well based on our Judeo-Christian morality.

    “Why Aren’t All People Beautiful?
    Maybe the genes that make hot males make distinctly un-hot females.”

    Screw it, too long winded. Pschiatrists are just making these people sicker. See the article linked.

  4. Vallender had hormone therapy. How come he did not try the other hormone therapy, Testosterone, to feel better?

    For one testosterone would make him feel more confident so long he was on a good professional track and making the milestones

    Whatever female hormones he is taking is not making him look like a female. I almost feel sorry for the people at the mosque. but then i remember all the crap they put us through every day.

  5. #1 The men in the mosque aren’t accepting it and are trying to force him to pray with the men. I don’t think this will last very long.

    #2 I feel for the woman. I’m from Texas but I speak with either a British or Romanian accent when I really, really tired. It’s embarrassing. People accuse me of faking but my voice drifts there for some reason. It started happening when I was working with people from the UK and Eastern Europe. I’d love to have my original Texas accent back but it’s almost completely gone.

  6. I have done something similar when I was younger.

    I think your mind is somewhat plastic (young) and you score high on EQ. People should just recognize the science behind it and be happy that you have empathy (or somewhat more than most).

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