News and links for Sept. 2 2013 – 1

1. Jordanian plane hijacked in Libya

2. Calgary Mayor invites muslims in Quebec to move to Alberta. (No polls shown as to the opinion of Alberta residents on that.) H/T Grace

3. Andrew Bostom: In the UK, sharia is here, probably to stay

4. Why is the EDL holding a demo in Tower Hamlets?

5. Egypt judges recommend dissolving Muslim Brotherhood group

CAIRO –  A panel of Egyptian judges recommended Monday the dissolution of the Muslim Brotherhood group, adding momentum to a push by authorities to ban the ousted Islamist president’s main backers.

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7 Replies to “News and links for Sept. 2 2013 – 1”

  1. Only in Sweden:

    “Give prisoners at Guantanamo asylum in Sweden”

    While ‘Swedish’ jihadists are dying on the assembly line in Syria, Thomas Hammarberg, Swedish EU Commissioner for Human Rights, want’s to give asylum to Gutantanamo prisoners:

    “(We should be) willing to discuss the possibility of becoming host to released prisoners who because of personal safety can not be sent to their home countries.”

  2. #2

    I hate people, activists or politicians who want to bus people in to an area to make it more diverse. That sort of thing happens on its own on it’s’ own schedule naturally. It is a more like diffusion. People move because they have a job offer or they are looking to find a job or because they marry. This has been happening forever. There is a reason there was a French quarter in South Hampton, England since before William the Conqueror’s time or Greek colonies in Carthaginian cities (who by the way fought for the said cities when other Greeks were besieging it).

    Again these things happen naturally if they are to happen. this Calgary mayor needs to be shown the door in a recall election or the next regular one. Apparently the internal polling is showing that his re-election is in doubt and he needs to bus in some people for whom he can play Santa clause to.

  3. #2 Perhaps new Muslim migrants to Calgary could be required to march in the Pride parade, the women topless and carrying signs reading “Say No to Shariah!” and “Mohammed was a Rapist!” and the men wearing nothing but gold paint.

  4. Uh, Martin, this Shi’a thing? Embarassing, could anyone watch all of it?

    Bloody Shi’a flagellation orgies are so revolting, they overwhelm the analytic abilities of the casual Western observer. But this clip is real porn. Maybe this stag party’s been cleaned-up for Bonn sensibilities, or maybe these young “Germans” are evolving. Sublimating S-M flogging into ritualistic, en masse “spanking” orgies seems plenty arousing to the participants in this clip.

    Question: Guys this kinky, are they hopelessly incapable of anything resembling conventional intimacy with female partners? Just curious.

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