Interesting peruse of France’s most wanted list

Here is a screen capture from France’s law enforcement most wanted list. Out of the top 100 most wanted, over 90% appear to be from a group that is less than 10% of France’s population. Based on the name and look, it can be fairly accurately determined what that group might be. (H/T some new friends from France)


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  1. Nice post Vlad……….

    Kind of like the prominence of exclusivity with respect to the ethnicity of the rapists responsible for every one, save a single one, of the rapes in Oslo, Norway, committed against Norwegian women over a two year period……as reflected in the records kept by the female Oslo chief of police.

    Truth always sells well…..unless its marketed in Muslimville or Leftytown…..

    Regards, Don Laird

  2. I would not be surprised if same type of nice fellows appear on most wanted list of each european country now ….. Isn’t this called multi-culti ?

  3. i’m in a state of shock, to think that the liberal,leftist government would allow the names and photographs of France’s most wanted made public, least the government be accused of racism, Islamophobia, prejudice, and discrimination. Have no fear the feckless fools in the government will do little more than deliver the same lame lip service and continue to make violent crime and the suffering by the French citizenry the country’s biggest import, while making the truth and common sense the country’s biggest export.

  4. It’s the same in all the democratic Western countries. The ruling elites do not live, shop, eat, work, or socialize anywhere near the places where characters such as these tend to hang out, so they are not concerned about them, It’s that simple. It’s like when they exhort everyone to dump their cars and ride the bus. If any of them actually had to rely on the bus for a few months, they would never try to spread such foolishness again. If they had the guys in the poster hanging out at the stores where they shop, the excessive immigration would stop in a day.

    Many people who did well in school, went on to university, and then entered the ruling class without a hitch, know absolutely nothing about the real world, but at the same time they have been told that they are our future, our guiding light… It’s basically what Tommy Robinson is trying to say, when he’s not being physically attacked for saying it… Nigel Farage also promotes the same message.The only impact those most-wanted guys have on the ruling elite is the possible result of making them look bad. Other than that, they just don’t give a damn… Remember, if the worst happens and it all really does go to Hell, there’s always Monaco. No worries…

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