News and links for Aug 31 2013 – 2

1. Four policemen injured in armed attack at Port Said church 

Aug 31:

File photo: Damage at St George Coptic Orthodox Church in Assiut from an attack during August(Photo:

Four police personnel were injured Saturday night in an armed attack by unknown assailants at the church of Abu Seifein on the outskirts of the Suez Canal city of Port Said.

2. Suez Canal Authority says attack attempted on container ship

A “terrorist” staged an unsuccessful attack on a container ship passing through the Suez Canal on Saturday, in an attempt to disrupt the flow of ships through the waterway, the head of the Suez Canal Authority Mohab Memish said on Saturday.

The Suez Canal is a key global shipping line.

3. Breaking news: Rebels admit gas attack result of mishandling chemical weapons (I have no idea about this site or this article)

In a report that is sure to be considered blockbuster news, the rebels told Dale Gavlak, a reporter who has written for the Associated Press, NPR and BBC, they are responsible for the chemical attack last week.

Gavlak is a Middle Eastern journalist who filed the report about the rebels claiming responsibility on the Mint Press News website, which is affiliated with AP.

In that report allegedly the rebels told him the chemical attack was a result of mishandling chemical weapons.

4. Israel faces retaliation if U.S. attacks Syria: Iran military

August 31, 2013 04:48 PM (Last updated: August 31, 2013 08:44 PM)

Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei stands with Army commander General Salehi, Armed Forces Chief of Staff General Firouzabadi and Revolutionary Guards commander Jafari while attending graduating ceremony for Iran's army landforce academy in Tehran

BEIRUT: Israel will face retaliation if the United States launches a military strike against Syria, a senior Iranian military official warned, Iran’s semi-official Fars News Agency reported Saturday.

5 .California man attacks deputies with sword while screaming allahu Ackbar

A sword-wielding 33-year-old Rancho Cucamonga man charged deputies while hollering “Allah Akbar,” sheriff’s officials say, until the deputies halted him with a blast from a bean bag shotgun.

Montasir Ishag was arrested at 9 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 27

6. (I deleted 6 because the same paper claimed that a rodent was discovered on Mars)

7. The Nigerian secret service arrested Abdullahi Mustapha Berende and Saheed Oluremi Adewumi, plus one other Nigerian, in February.


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4 Replies to “News and links for Aug 31 2013 – 2”

  1. It is either true and a godsend for Obama or manufactured to get him out his current fiasco.

    Obama’s coalition of the willing totaled France and Turkey, just 2. It was an embarrassment.

    This will allow Obama to not strike Syria and slink off under a rock until the complicit media rehabilitates their man or “The One” as Oprah says it.

    George Bush built a bigger coalition (24 allies) and had more cause to topple Sadam than Obama has to topple Assad. Yes Assad was an @sshole that supported Al Qaeda in the last 10 years in Iraq. Yes he supported Hezbollah and provided them support since 1979. but if it was not with sending troop since 1979 then it isn’t now. Especially now. I’ll have to remove the dagger between my shoulder blades where people like Cindy Sheehan, Code Stink and the anti-war put it.–_Iraq#Countries_that_deployed_troops_to_Iraq

    It would be worth it if we went into Syria, found the WMDS that Russia helped ship from Iraq to Syria prior to the Iraq war in 2003. It the left were to say we were wrong, I would say it is fine … water under the bridge. but as it is the left will not do that

    Besides this is how you make countries. Armenia was made in such a way. It has be posited that ancient Van (proto Armenia) was created out of various tribes when the Assyrians would strike north and pillage year after year. So the tribes got together and formed a kingdom.

    Likewise we could get involved in Syria when our enemies Sunni and Shia are doing a great job of killing one another. Why get in the middle? As vengeful and Islamic as Obama is, if we had troops on the ground he would promulgate ROE that would say if you see a Christian congregation attacked, Church burned or Kurds being massacred don’t engage the attackers. So far all of Obama’s sturm and drang has been how the Muslim Brotherhood should be in charge of Syria because Sunnis make up the bulk of Syria. He has not a word for any religious minority Muslim or non-Muslim in Syria.

    by entering Syria after showing weakness in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt and worldwide, it would just encourage all of them to band together to attack Israel, from a Caliphate and attack the U.S.

    Like Churchill said “don’t get in the middle.” (paraphrase)

  2. Russia’s Vladimir Putin challenges US on Syria claims (BBC/video, Aug 31, 2013)
    “Russian President Vladimir Putin has challenged the US to present to the UN evidence that Syria was responsible for chemical weapons attacks.

    Mr Putin said it would be “utter rubbish” for Syria’s government to provoke opponents with such attacks when it was in a position of strength.

    US President Barack Obama has said he is considering military action against Syria based on intelligence reports.”

  3. You know, when I see John Kerry on TV talking about the way things are in Syria, I am reminded of the previous Secretary of State and what a shameless little liar she turned out to be, and how easily she lied to the world. Why would anybody believe a single word that came out of a US Secretary of State’s mouth? The Obama administration obviously believes that lying to the American people is somehow OK…

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