News and links for Aug 31 2013 -3

1. Putin disputes Western claims on Chem-weapons use in Syria by regime.

(Click over to BBC for the video and article)

2. Iran Desperately Looks for a Remedy to Stop Growth of Christianity

The Islamic regime’s think-tank, in association with the Iranian intelligence service held its first of a series of meetings called “Free thinking and critical speech”. The meeting was held to discuss “conversion from Islam” and analyze why Iranian youth tend to convert to Christianity.

3. Who represents the Syrian opposition?

4. Egyptian engagement party for a 9 year old.

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  1. 2. “Christianity is spreading in Iran rapidly and has reached its peak especially in recent years” … “It “seems great crackdowns on churches and extraordinary waves of arrest of Iranian pastors and Christian converts have not been effective.”

    I haven’t heard about this.

  2. What is wrong with a 9 yo getting engaged? She’ll be washed up by 13. Discarded by 15 and he ex will have MOVED ON.

    After all the perfect man, Mohammed did the same thing.

    Question. Mohammed consummated his marriage with a 9 yo when she was 9. Did she live a long life or did she die of complications of pregnancy because she wasn’t even a teenager?

  3. “Staff at acute psychiatric hospital recieve riot shields

    After several incidents with violent patients in the psychiatric emergency hospital at Östra Hospital in Gothenburg, the security level is now beeing raised. Shields, of the same kind used by police, has been purchased, writes Göteborgsposten.

    – If a violent situation arises in the ambulance hall, staff can get the shields out to defend themselves against attacks, says security chief Anders Gidrup.

    Metal detectors may also be necessary.

    So far this year, the psychiatric emergency department have had eight attacks. On August 8, a man attacked several of the staff with a long knife.”

    I don’t know how it is in the US and Canada, but in Sweden this is chocking. We had none of this before massimmigration of people from primitive cultures. When my mom was young they didn’t lock their bicicles, just left them in the City while shopping and it was still there when they returned. Yeah, when they locked the door on my moms house, they hung the key next to the door, to show potential visitors they were not home.

    Thats how innocent Sweden was just 30 years ago. Before non-western immigration.

    Anyway, what’s happening in Gothenburgs hospitals, is purely a immigration-related phenomenon. Last year kurdish muslims had a shoot out on another of the two biggest hospitals in Gothenburg:

    “Last night some 30 people had a fight inside the intensive care unit at Sahlgrenska hospital. Reportedly, the involved are three Kurdish families who have been at clan war with each other for some time. Tonight the feud seems to have had a follow-up; with several beeing beaten, shots fired into cars, and several arrests. According to the police, it has been full throttle and direct chaos.”

    The fight was later revealed to have been over disagreements how to bury a relative in the hospital. Ofcourse they all recived ridiculuos sentences:

    “Mild sentences for violent family feud at Sahlgrenska Hospital

    Everything revolves around a 48 year old woman, Najiba Hama Sharif , who died June 29 in an incurable and rare protein disorder at Sahlgrenska. But within the woman’s family wild fantasies and rumors flourished that her ex-husband had poisoned her – with dates from Morocco. (…) Faced with the realization of an impending funeral the woman’s family wanted to have a Muslim burial, while ex-husband just wanted to bury her in peace without traditional features, in Iraqi Kurdistan.


    Special Incident

    The situation was so serious that the police in Västra Götaland County classified the violent fracas as a Special Incident, a measure applied in extreme situations resulting in that they get all the authority’s resources at their disposal. The decision left standing a few days after the shooting. Sahlgrenska, as well as two other hospitals, were closely guarded with security officers along with police, upgrading security measures so that patients and medical professionals could feel safe.

    Gothenburg District Court sentenced

    – Mustafa Nawsad Aziz, born in 1976 – the “36 -year-old” in the media – for assault to imprisonment for 3 months. The penalty is considered already executed . Attempted murder and assault was dismissed. Citizen of Sweden .

    – Omar Sherif Sherif Rojgar, born 1982 – the “30 -year-old” in the media – assault to probation with 160 hours community service . If a prison sentence had been chosen instead, he would have gotten six months in jail. The indictment point assault was dismissed. Citizen of Iraq.


    Omar Omid Hama-Sharif born 1969 – the “43 -year-old” in the media – was acquitted . Danish citizen. Had been charged with aggravated assault.

    Everyone of them needed an interpreter in Kurdish / Sorani.

    The district court found that the two warring family factions met on the site and that they were armed. But that clear evidence is lacking about what happened immediately after they met on the site. And no one has been able to point out Nawsad Mustafa Aziz as the one who held the firearm.”

    Yeah the examples are many in how in recent years there have been clan feuds in hospitals with attacked doctors and nurses, and how the hospitals have to take measures and reinforce windows, hire guards, let the personal train self defence, install cameras, have special reception rooms, with flood gates, were personel are shielded from the waiting patients etc. All completely unheard of before in Sweden, and something no swede would have ever imagined a few years ago. Very foreign things only seen on american movies.

    The first hospitals afflicted with ‘multiculturalism’ were *surprise, surprise* in Malmö. But now it’s coming to smaller towns as well, as an example here from Örebro (a city with 107.038 residents):

    “The staff is called words like “whore, harlots and racist. “I know where you live” is another example of serious threats occuring.


    The acute hospitals staff attend courses in social treatment, but also in self-defense.


    Some of the aggressors are families who find it difficult to handle that they have to wait or are sent on.”

    “Locked doors, reinforced glass, alarms and cameras – are all available at the emergency room today.

    – But with the renovation we will have a total of seven cameras. We already have permission to record on five of them and we are working on a technical solution in order to obtain permission for recording on all of them, says University Hospital Safety Officer Hans Eriksson.”

  4. It’s soooo confusing. I supported generals getting rid of MB in Egypt. But I now support Obama decision to limited bomb Assad regime in Syria, which may tip scales in favor of MB in Syria. But I don’t want MB to take over Syria. Or maybe just go directly to bombing Iranian nuke sites.

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