Links and news for Aug 25 2013 – 1

1. Video: Erdogan angered by American rebuke for his conspiracy theories blaming Israel for Egypt coup. More here as well.

2. In Islam my cousin is my mother but I’m alright! (video on consanguineous birth defects)

3. Al-Qaeda in Iraq stops trucks and murders the drivers. Caution: Harsh video.

4. Danish paper that refused to publish Danish Cartoons, publishes appeal to gov’t to restore freedom of speech

5. Buddhists in Burma show that there is a way to send a message that local women are not to be raped. (Not original headline)

6. Syria: Cameron and Obama threaten ‘serious response’

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  1. Yet another bloody day in Iraq.

    Bomb blasts kill ‘at least 41’ across Iraq (BBC, Aug 25, 2013)
    “A wave of bomb attacks across Iraq has killed at least 41 people, police and medical sources say.

    Worst affected were Baghdad and the central city of Baquba, which were hit by numerous blasts…

    In Baquba, there were reports of four bombings. Two are said to have targeted a Shia wedding, AFP news agency reports.

    Several blasts – car bombs and a roadside bomb – were reported in Baghdad, one of them inside a coffee shop. At least nine people were killed.

    At least four people are reported to have died in a car bomb blast in the town of Balad, north of the capital….”

  2. My apologies on #2. My 1st thought was that the video cut and pasted some stuff from some “alien conspiracy” videos.

    Would I have still visited this site? Sure. I would see it as Islam derangement syndrome brought on by all the crap they put us through. And they put us through a lot. The volume of stories is 3 times or more than what they were 2 years ago.

    -Part of that is that Eeyore is more motivated. Could be
    -Part of it is that Eeyore is getting better at technically at all tasks.
    -but I think a large part is the that there are Muslims, they are feeling their oats and they are being what they want to be.

    I am reading “A Dark History: The Popes”. The history is not as bad as one would think. After watching the video, I would much rather live though the Inquisition than sharia. In the book, you see where Inquisitors were challenged by the nobility and other prominent people and where somehow, someway the Inquisitors just never made safely down the forest road between cities.

    Yes, I would much rather live through Inquisition than sharia.The video was that bad.

  3. #3 Same old crap. actually this crap is much better.

    Let me explain.They pulled this same crap on the interstate immediately west of Fallujah. Only instead of getting some honest, hard working truck drives they waylaid and several families in 2007. Muslim families. Didn’t matter. Valuables taken, Cars sold illegally across the border and the families …well you know what happened to them. Muslim families.

    Only we broke the back of Al Qaeda in Iraq inn 2007. A the the end of 2007 attacks were way down. Then we elected the loser.

  4. 3. #2 On the other hand, ummagumma in the ummah-gummah is like a giant laboratory where research forbidden in societies encumbered with morality and common sense has been carried out unhindered for centuries. Experiments in inbreeding, another of Islam’s many contributions to science. It appears from that video that there are academic consanguinity conferences these days in the Gulf.

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