Links and news for Aug 24 2013 – 1

1. Muslim Brotherhood leader in hiding in London, fearing political assassination 

2. NSA sometimes spy on ‘LOVEINT’. 

(It turns out that for some people who think their relationships are the most interesting thing there is, might be right)

3. Cabbie who amputated a tourists foot with his car the other day gives bizarre press conference blaming a cycle courier earlier. 

4. Website, ‘Islamic Invitation Turkey’ says that large amounts of chem-wapons were found in the hands of rebels and anti-Assad forces and where preparing to pack missile heads with them.

5. Odd conspiracy video on Obama and Ikhwan. But frankly these days it becomes increasingly difficult to know what is true and is not given what we know for facts took place in Benghazi as well as the various spying scandals on Congress and tapping phone lines of the media at the white house. Any of which should be grounds enough to impeach Obama.

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  1. 1. In the tone of pub-talk “Go-on, show us your tits”: Go on, show us his address

    4. Assad may be many things, but he would not be THAT stupid to use gas right on the day, UN inspectors arrive in Syria. That bears the unmistaken footprint of allah-u-akbarists…possibly executing “instructions” from ….lets call them the other side. It would also give Obama an excuse to assist his brothers against Assad.

    5. Am I being gullible or cynical when I lean towards believing what’s said in this video?

  2. RE ; # 5, Just judging by the open support of The Muslim Brotherhood our “Dear Leader’, Madam Hill,Chuck Hagel, Lurch Kerry, and the Quisling McCain one can only wonder what is going on in secret behind closed doors.

  3. Rita

    Stand corrected.


    Now consider.

    What is the object of the war on terror. – I mean the real strategic objective, not just terrorism- terrorists are flies fly for the sledgehammer force the West can muster. .

    If one wishes that Egypt and its people have reasonably a good economy, working institutions and army, and thus a real strategic threat to its neighbours, then a benevolent dictatorship is the best.

    If OTH, one wishes to punish Muslims (Egyptian Muslims in particular) for 9/11, then the West should support the MB. The MB will destroy the economy, divide society, destroy all institutions except the mosque. Egypt will no longer be a threat to anyone. Egypt will become a basket case, reliant on the hated West just to eat. The MB will also discredit political Islam for many Muslims.

  4. RE # 3, The NYC TLC (Taxi And Limousine Commission) has no real power and uses politics and propaganda to keep lousy drivers in their jobs. The correct thing for this ‘driver’ would be not to submit to road rage and report this felonious out of control bike messenger to the police. Midtown Manhattan is swarming with patrolmen 24/7 who would be acquainted with this individual.

  5. There’s a terrible truth that I have only just discovered in the last year or so, and that is that absolutely nothing in this world matters if the mainstream media chooses to ignore it. I used to think that the truth kind of found its way out, but I was being naive and childlike in my simple trust. The Obama family could dress up in Hitler costumes every night and hold Nuremberg rallies on the White House lawn, and if the MSM wasn’t interested in it, it would pass just like everything else lately. For instance, if the media actually got interested in Benghazi, Obama could very well end up in jail, but instead, most people think it’s just more right-wing shit that no reasonable person would even look at – kind of like Holocaust denial or alien space ships. It would appear that a government with the absolute support of the entire media is untouchable, no matter what…

  6. Chris wrote: The Obama family could dress up in Hitler costumes every night and hold Nuremberg rallies on the White House lawn, and if the MSM wasn’t interested in it, it would pass just like everything else lately.

    You are right. But is this because they are directed, do so willingly because they view Obama as the Enlightened one, or just dupes by nature or duped by the autjorities?

  7. MB don’t believe in man made democracy but in sharia and allah’s will. If they have been pushed out by the military, then it is allah’s will, and they have no grounds to complain.

  8. Until the economy totally crashes or a major terror attack occurs in the US, and by major I mean causalities on the size of 9/11/01 or larger, the MSM will refuse to look at many of Obama’s crimes. Even if they do look at the crimes unless the Republicans control 60+ seats in the Senate the Senate will never vote to remove him from office. I say 60+ because some of the Republican leaders will vote to retain him in office.

    Even if Obama is removed from office we would then get Biden sworn in and the same list of crooks in the cabinet, are we going to impeach him? If we do we then get Boehner as President and I don’t trust him either.

    #4 I don’t see Assad needing chemical weapons enough to accept the bad press their use would bring, and he doesn’t need the US and European intervention. The Ikhwan on the other hand need the intervention to win.

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