Links and news for Aug 21 2013 – 2

1. Man jailed for threatening Muslims in wake of Lee Rigby killing

The 44-year-old, of Braintree, was sentenced to nine months in prison at Chelmsford crown court on Monday after admitting one count of affray and two of possessing an offensive weapon, the court confirmed on Wednesday.

2. France: Ministers mobilise as Marseille violence spirals

(But, doesn’t France already have strict gun controls?)

3. Daily Mail quotes Syrian ‘rebels’ claiming 1300 dead and “Genocide” in Nerve gas attack.

4. It appears that yesterday’s Swedish tard-fest where Swedish women showed support for an ‘Islamophobic’ attack on a hijab wearing women was misplaced sanctimony as it seems, the women who was hit was actually hit by her Muslim husband, as is the custom amongst those people.

5. Two contradictory articles about the Obama admin and Egyptian aid.

5a. Obama convenes meeting to discuss future military aid to Egypt

5b. Obama secretly cuts off all military financing to Egypt

6. FOX News on the worst attack on Christians since the Middle Ages

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  1. #2 Their laws aren’t as harsh and controlling as Britain’s and Canada’s but they are considered to be very restrictive.

  2. Islamic fanatics are known to fire on civilians, even their own supporters to get sympathy of the West to intervene on their side.

    It happened in Serbia and Iraq, more recently in Libya, in Egypt now, and now Syria.

  3. Day after day after day…

    17 dead in shootings, explosions across Iraq (CNN, Aug 21, 2013)
    “At least 17 people were killed and more than 65 injured in Iraq on Tuesday in shootings and explosions, police officials said.

    The deadliest attacks took place in Maysan, some 365 kilometers (227 miles) southeast of Baghdad.

    The officials said two car bombs exploded there — one near a hospital, one on a busy commercial street. The explosions killed seven people and wounded more than 35, they said.

    July was the deadliest month in Iraq in the last five years…”

  4. 4#. I’ve made some following up around the Swedish Hijab Story. Dagens Nyheter – leading Swedish newspaper who was first with the “scoop” – has removed the article from its website.

    One could imagine that someone of DN’s MSM competitors would take advantage of the fact that DN so easily allowed themselves to support this propaganda action designed by Gudrun Schyman, former leader of “Vänsterpartiet” (The former communist party. Vänster = Left) and founder of the party Feministiskt Initiativ. As expected, the Swedish level of silence once again challenged my tympanic membranes.

    In 1941, the slogan “En Svensk Tiger” was introduced. The image is a blue and yellow striped tiger. The slogan has double meanings: 1. “A Swedish Tiger”. 2. “A Swede keeps silent”, with the same meaning as “loose lips sink ships”.

    Nowadays, a point 3 must be added: “Anyone who tells the truth, or breaks any Code of Silence – i.e. breaking any rule of political correctness – will be punished hard and without mercy.”

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