Report: Al-Qaida targeting European railways


German newspaper cites conference call intercepted by NSA.

HIGH SPEED trains waiting at a siding in Spain. A new rail link to Ben-Gurion airport is being built
HIGH SPEED trains waiting at a siding in Spain. A new rail link to Ben-Gurion airport is being built Photo: REUTERS

Al-Qaida is plotting attacks on Europe’s high-speed rail network, German newspaper Bild reported on Monday, citing intelligence sources.

According to Bild, the militant group was possibly targeting trains and tunnels, with the intention to sabotage railway tracks and the electric cabling.

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2 Replies to “Report: Al-Qaida targeting European railways”

  1. Some people are lulled to sleep or indifference by people like Loonwatch who deny that Muslim terrorism is a big problem, that it is being taken seriously or that it is of more concern that so called right wing terrorism.

    The Loonies at Loonwatch claim that rightwing terrorism is bigger problem than jihadists. To shamelessly lie as they do, they count stuff like Basque terrorism as right wing terrorism. To count the Basques as right wing is a typical leftist lie. It is ethnic separatism, that is not left or right wing. The who left wing, rightwing which can be handy monikers to describe a set of beliefs are also misconstrued at every opportunity by people like the Loonies.

    On top of that people in the government like Eric Holder, Obama and generals (generals are very political) classify Muslims terrorism as ordinary crime. As such it can be safely ignored. I say safely because the politicians have security and the terrorism after it is reclassified can be safely ignored politically in regards to the electorate and political discussion. The most famous and egregious example is the Fort Hood Massacre. It was classified as work place violence and not terrorism. Really?!? When you do things like this you make the job of the mendacious at Loonwatch that much easier.

    (Note I blame generals. All generals if they want to make the next rank court politicians. They are easily suborned for politically purposes. AG Holder could not jhave reclassified the Fort Hood Massacre as workplace violence all by himself. He needed some brown nosing ass kissing, shit eating general to help him.)

    I like how respectful the Loonies re

    “the mooslims! they are heeere!” (sic)

    So those of us who correctly fear Muslim terrorism based on past events are crazt and cannot spell and use proper capitalization to boot? In their minds we are a bunch of rednecks and crackers.

    All the rapes, muggings, assaults by Muslims that we read about in Europe and elsewhere have an effect in the political discussion and on society as a whole. Coupled with the terrorism acts they magnify those acts and the perpetrators know this. That makes them complicit.

    another things that makes it easier for the Loonies to lie is that authorities and news people do not call a spade a spade. When the Muslim engineering students trespassed onto that reservoir in Massachusetts the Loonies go oh well, no harm no foul. You don’t count reconnaissance, dry runs and small provocation to judge future response as part of the ongoing terrorism war / clash of cultures. If we are lucky, those students who use bolt cutters to get thru the fencing around the reservoir, are being watched by the authorities and the incident was counted as part of terrorism planning for a future attack. Meanwhile the Loonies shamelessly lie.

    i mean come on you lying sacks of shit at Loowatch, how do you visit a factory, business, government agency to learn about how it operates? You go to public affairs or something like that and ask for a tour. Of course using bolt cutters after midnight must be a new Loonwatch type of thing to do. Much faster than sending emails, calling or meeting with an organization public affairs.

    I mention Loonwatch because they try to lull people to sleep.they argue that we do not know what we are talking about and that Muslim terrorism is not much of a problem or not an important one when you prioritize problems.

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