Islamist detainees die in ‘escape bid’



Egyptian army soldiers take out barbed wire that was surrounding the Supreme Constitutional Court in Cairo ahead of planned demonstrations on Sunday Protests by the Muslim Brotherhood have continued in some cities despite authorities’ attempts to suppress them

At least 36 Islamist prisoners have died in Egypt during an apparent attempt to escape during their transfer to a prison outside Cairo.

The interior ministry gave conflicting accounts of the deaths, initially saying the men died from gunfire during an attack by unidentified gunmen.

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6 Replies to “Islamist detainees die in ‘escape bid’”

  1. Some of these are fresh… Or… Here we go again…

    Egyptian police killed in Sinai ambush at Rafah (BBC, Aug 19, 2013)
    “At least 24 Egyptian policemen have been killed in an ambush attack in the Sinai peninsula, say reports.

    Medical sources and officials said the police were in two buses which came under attack from armed men close to the town of Rafah on the Gaza border.

    Three policemen were also reported to have been injured in the blast.

    The military recently intensified a crackdown against militants in Sinai, where attacks have surged since the fall of Hosni Mubarak in 2011….”

  2. E.U. to React to Muslim Brotherhood

    FRENCH President Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have called for urgent European consultations on the escalating crisis in Egypt.

    Ooooh! Urgent European CONSULTATIONS! Just cede Czechoslovakia and the Sudentenland to the Muslim Brotherhood and get it over with. You know you want to, and besides, that worked so well the last time.

  3. PS
    Actually they have. Germany was instrumental in the break up Yugoslavia. The West, led by the USA, gave them two states in Europe – Bosnia, and one yet to be recognised, Kosovo.

    Two states in Europe were handed over to Islam. What must our ancestors think. All the blood they shed to preserve Christianity in Europe from Islamic Jihad, and hence the existence of Western civilization, counted for nothing.

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