Links and News for Aug 19 2013 – 2

1. Allen West: “Benghazi makes Iran-Contra look like Romper Room

2. There seems to be news about leaks compromising the US STUXNET program and the Israeli war plans to defuse Iran’s nuclear weapons program as coming from Hillary Clinton’s office directly. Frankly I would bet it was more Huma Abedin than it was HC but nothing would surprise me at this point. Here is a google translate from a French article and I will look for more over the day. Here is a WATI piece on it.

3. Accidentally humorous video by a Muslim congratulating some other muslim for covering up an add for cheap bras with paint. Very heroic apparently. I bet he spends a lot of time on porn sites though.

4. And this is why I don’t make jokes of logical extremes anymore. It just gives data points to psycho leftists. And what about Aliens? Where do they go? Like, people who are genetically earthlings but feel like an alien?

To be honest, if a man came up to me and said something like, “I am genetically a man, but I am a woman on the inside can I use the women’s loo, I would be tempted to say, ‘then why don’t you go f**k yourself?’

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  1. Does anyone else remember the so-called Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) amendment that Dems tried to pass back in the ’70s and early ’80s. They wanted to do away with all mention of male female differences on any legal docs, credit apps, ect. The amendment was soundly defeated. It looks like all of the transgender/gay rights stuff has the same goal except they are shoving it through piecemeal in small palatable bites. It’s very strange that I haven’t heard of a single conservative commentator or so-called culture warrior bring this up.

  2. @ les
    It has come up on various radio shows, but maybe not quite the way you aptly put it.

    The LGBT activists suborned the APA back in 1972/1973. Most of us were not aware that we were under attack by them. The got the DSM changed (#3) and changed (#4) and changed (most recent version). If you read the DSM carefully it says that many of them are sick by definition because they have so many problems with society and it causes them grief. For instance they have higher rates of drug and alcohol abuse not to mention venereal disease. Part of the reason to ask how you feel about the gay lifestyle choice is to use it as a push poll. Once they reach 51% and no one can or dares to speak out, they are by the DSM III or DSM IV definition no longer crazy. There is still reality such HIV and other VD. You can fool or threaten the APA, but you cannot fool Mother Nature.

    Perhaps the solution is for the CDC not to collect stats on VD and for the U.S. to scrap NASA and instead start a Manhattan project to cure any and all VDs to save the promiscuous (gay and straight) from themselves. They are kind like Muslims, they can’t help themselves. A well turned ankle will drive a Muslim jihadi mad and the LGBT likewise cannot help themselves.

    Anyway the LGBT lobby suborned governor Chris Christy. Now people are proscribed from law from helping confused people who thin they are the other sex. Never mind the traffic reporter from the San Diego area who thought he was a woman for 15 years says that, no he really is a man. If people were allowed to help other people instead of being shouted down, think of the 15 years of Hell that his family would not have needed to go through. He could have come to santy much sooner like in a few months or a year. But good psychiatrists are few and far apart.

    Or how how about the guy who lied about killing John Benet Ramsey? He was confused. His confusion started way back.

    It is going to get worse before it gets better. It is like bending a reed. It will snap back.

  3. Do you remember a time people came in the Name of God? They were called Prophets.

    Now nut-jobs come in the Name of Man.

    It’s simply all about intense social pressure.

    Raised in a hot-house of Allah, people suddenly become Messiahs with God calling them.

    Raised in a hot-house of Socialism, and suddenly they believe they’re not who they are on the inside, but are another identity on the outside.

    Why the Psychiatrists do not simply call them having a manic-depression – is either fear of losing their recent priest-status to supply of pills and imprison people who are politically incorrect for their protection; or the perverts now occupy all the professions as they do as cabals at the top of all religions.

    Thus in religion it’s verboten to call out that person as an idiot if they are promoting the agenda of the Priests, and the same with those fulfilling the narrative of the Communists.

    Femen use their sexuality to intimidate, just as their sexuality had been used to against them.

    But the beast just walks a hair’s breadth from one camp into the other. And the child is born into resentment once again.

    The Muslims and The Citizens the just kid and encourage each other to believe sincerely about the amazing Miracles of their Age.

    The little children’s minds exposed to the Anger of Allah or the Save the Planet. This Guilt Trip starts very, very young.

    Raise a dhimmi, and you’ll get a dhimmi.

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