Links and news for Aug 18 2013 – 3

1. Swedish church in heavily muslim area burns to the ground. Police are stumped. Spontaneous-Cathedral combustion is suspected. A newly discovered and inexplicable phenomenon where Christian and Jewish religious buildings seem to burn to the ground for no reason when they are in areas which are heavily enriched with Muslims. (Original link here) It could be centuries before this mystery is solved! Time to call Scooby Doo!

2. If anyone wants to know the meaning and consequences of consanguinity, have a look at this. CAUTION: Some disturbing malformations here.

3. Egypt: Both sides accuse the other of being agents of the Jews

4. Coptic Pope Blasts Muslim Brotherhood, US, EU

5. Anjem Choudary out on bail for attacking some Shiia’s and members of the general public during a demonstration of Tard-on-tard Islamic peace some few months ago. Bookies are betting on him not keeping his bail conditions, but not facing any penalty for not doing so.

6. Confusing article about a ‘Canadian’ religious muslim who was shot in Alexandria demonstrating. Apparently, the army or police in Egypt mistook him for a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, just because he has a huge beard and was demonstrating for them there. UPDATE: Here is some of his connections

7. This is (so far as I have seen it) an interesting little short history of the recent revolutions in Egypt.

8. Another Muslim rape gang jailed, this time for 38 years.

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  1. Here’s what needs to happen. First they need to set some area aside and designate it as a Muslim-free zone and name it No-Islamistan. Then we need to drop pamphlets on Islamic countries and explain to them that their religion is a dangerous cult as well as probably the most destructive thing that has ever happened to the human race, and that Allah does not exist and that Mohammed was a criminal and that Islam is making their, as well as everybody else’s lives, miserable – and here’s some free tickets to No-Islamistan..Then, as apostate Muslims cram into their new country and begin to experience the improvements in their lives that would naturally come from abandoning such a religion, and as the population grows, simply expand the borders until No-Islamistan covers the entire Islamic World. I think it’s worth a try…

  2. Muslims In France Warn Of Rising ‘Islamophobia’

    Quote: In July, Valls denounced as “unacceptable” a reported rise of violence against Muslims in France, adding that the country must be “uncompromising” toward those who attack people for their religious beliefs, as well as “all fundamentalists.”

    But he also warned that, “For Salafists, Islamophobia is a Trojan horse aimed at destabilizing the republican pact.”

    The minister gets it.

  3. 2/ Yeah but everyone knows that there are two only reasons that a Muslim woman gives birth to a monstrosity:

    A/ It’s her fault. She should be beaten severely and her husband take another wife who can give him healthy kids!

    B/ It’s the Jews fault. They must have cast an evil spell.

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