Obama refused permission to enter Greek Peninsula containing 25 ancient Orthodox monasteries

My Greek Friend TL translating loosely from this article in Greek News today, tells me that US president Obama requested permission to visit this peninsula in Greece, famous for its ancient Greek, and other Eastern Orthodox monasteries, many of which date back to the eighth century AD. What makes this more interesting is that this peninsula accepts week-long tourists and pilgrims routinely. Yet President Obama was denied access. Perhaps they felt he was more doing pre-operational surveillance rather than actual respectful visitation. I know that’s what I would think.

Here is a 60 Minutes documentary segment on this area below, and here is a google translation of the news story


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4 Replies to “Obama refused permission to enter Greek Peninsula containing 25 ancient Orthodox monasteries”

  1. Mount Athos is one of the few places in the World where Christians were left in peace by Muslims. The Ottoman Sultan was so impressed by the dedication of the monks there that he left them alone, and for centuries Mt. Athos acted as a protected enclave in Muslim lands. Athos became famous also for miracles that some of the monks were able to perform.
    Athos welcomes nearly all pilgrims to the area, so the fact that they have rejected Obama clearly shows that they have their heads screwed on.
    Their excuse appears to be that Obama is a Muslim, but I suspect that they can obviously sense something about this man that many others can’t.

  2. I can see why this story hasn’t made its way into the MSM, this is very embaressing for Obama and a very smart decision on the part of the people who denied him access.

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