Links and news Aug 17 2013 – 2

1. Very interesting statement from the Egyptian state castigating the Western pro-Ikhwan media

[…] Egypt is feeling severe bitterness towards some Western media coverage that is biased to the Muslim Brotherhood and ignores shedding light on violent and terror acts that are perpetrated by this group in the form of intimidation operations and terrorizing citizens let alone killing of innocent people and setting churches and public and private property on fire along with storming police stations and blocking roads and all other forms of thuggery and sabotage. […]

2. Pro Morsi demo in Paris today

3. list of Christian churches, schools, institutions, shops torched by the Muslim Brotherhood in the last three days

4. EGYPT- Mosques to close between prayers after Fateh stand-off:

Major mosques have been ordered to close amid fears Muslim Brotherhood supporters could take control of them, according to an official source at the Egyptian Endowments Ministry.

There have been clear instructions to close mosques after each prayer session for fear people may hide weapons inside them, which the ministry strongly prohibits, the source added.

5. Armed men shooting at army forces from inside the mosque’s minaret and forces on the ground returning fire up at the shooters.

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  1. CAIRO – AUG 17 2013 – Muslim Brotherhood terrorists and Muslim jihadists getting out of the al fath mosque under military protection – civilians are there with sticks to kill them –

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