How to hate your cake and eat it too. The Islamic approach to public demonstrations.

In Toronto a couple of years ago during an anti-Isreal demo sponsored by the Iranian regime, Muslims did their parade-of-destruction over the existence of the state of Israel while simultaneously demanding that no-one photograph the women in the demonstration. Remembering that these women were both part of the demonstration and even had some signs I believe, I find it quite peculiar that someone who participates in a public political protest would, at the same time, not want to be seen, initially to be comically ironic. But as you watch this demonstration in support of Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood in Paris you see a similar thing happen as great effort is made to stop the cameraman from filming the demo using physical methods as well as trying to block the camera with an Egyptian flag.

When a thing appears to be irrational its usually because you are missing a piece of the puzzle. That piece in this case I suspect is the degree of contempt and supremacy that Muslims hold towards the rest of us world wide. It does at least offer an explanation.

Here is a video that was allowed of the French Pro Morsi protest. Interestingly, comments, embedding and even downloading have been disabled for these videos.

(An article about a women in Toronto who punched a man for taking a photo of her in a public place. Police pressed no charges)

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  1. Eyewitness: March to Ramses

    […]As the march reached the downtown-side of May 15 Bridge, pro-Morsi marchers and loose groups of people on the Corniche below started throwing rocks at each other. One or two shots (from what sounded like a shotgun) rang out, I don’t know where from or from which side. Then a rapid volley of gunfire confirmed thatthere were automatic weapons in the crowd. It felt like almost right away and out of nowhere, men with AK-47s with keffiyehs around their heads and necks appeared in amongst the pro-Morsi protesters. Up the road, towards the October 6 Bridge intersection, young men were throwing rocks onto marchers below as they ran through in a line. People tried to take cover behind the metal barriers lining the road. There was a lot of confusion and screaming.

    One man in a keffiyeh was firing a few metres behind me. He shot at the rooftops to the left and right of the bridge road. I couldn’t see any shooters there. Another shooter on the bridge fired at the rooftop stone-throwers, who then took cover and disappeared. There were shots that sounded like they were not coming from the march.

  2. I’ve just downloaded the French pro-Morsi video, so downloading hasn’t been disabled. It downloaded just like any other video.

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