Family of Irish siblings trapped in besieged Egyptian mosque ‘fear for their safety’

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The relatives of four Irish siblings who were trapped in a besieged Egyptian mosque have said they feared for their safety.

Irish women and teenager caught in Cairo mosque stand-off
Left to right: Ibrihim with sisters Fatima, Omaima and Somaia Photo: PA

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10:54PM BST 17 Aug 2013

Omaima Halawa, 21, her sisters Somaia, 27, and Fatima, 23, as well as their younger brother Ibrihim, 17, were among hundreds of people forced to leave the Al Fateh mosque in Cairo by Egyptian security forces.

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8 Replies to “Family of Irish siblings trapped in besieged Egyptian mosque ‘fear for their safety’”

  1. The father of these four “Irish” siblings is the sheikh of the largest (sunni) mosque in Dublin, the Clonskeagh mosque, which hosted radical islamic speakers, and is linked to the Muslim Brotherhood — what a surpise…not! Also called the ICCI (Islamic Cultural Center in Ireland), this radical mosque serves as headquarters of the European Council for Fatwa and Research, headed by Muslim Brotherhood-linked cleric Yusuf al-Qaradawi. Here are 2 links on this mosque: :

    In 2007 the Clonskeagh mosque hosted two extremist speakers:

    1. Saudi cleric Salman Al Awda (or Salman al-Audah or Salman Al-Aouda), one of the 26 Saudi scholars who issued the fatwa in 2004 calling for holy war against the Americans in Iraq. “There is no doubt that the Jihad against the occupation is a duty of those who are capable of it.” And this man was let into Ireland! He visited Clonskeagh in 2007. The moderate Shia Ali Al Saleh said that this cleric had recently written an article in a Saudi newspaper describing Shias as “non-Muslims”.

    2. Egyptian cleric Wagdy Ghoneim (or Wagdi Ghoneim or Wajdi Ghunaim), supporter of suicide bombing. “Those young people who explode themselves to kill the Jews were not committing suicide but jihad.” He was denied entrance into Canada for being a member of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. And yet he was let into Ireland! And invited by the Clonskeagh mosque. He visited Clonskeagh in 2006 and 2007. :

    Let’s look at the Clonskeagh mosque. And don’t listen to me. Listen to Muslims.

    A couple of weeks ago, Dr Ali Al Saleh, imam of the Shia mosque in Milltown, expressed his worry that the Sunni Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland (ICCI) — which incorporates the Clonskeagh mosque — had invited Sheikh Salman Al Awda to address a conference called Our Children, Hopes and Realities. The Saudi Arabian Al Awda, a fundamentalist, had recently described Shias as “non-Muslims”. Not surprisingly, Dr Al Saleh felt such sentiments endangered “the harmonious relationships in Ireland of Sunni and Shia Muslims”.

    The ICCI was unrepentant, but what do you expect from an organisation that was also proud to announce that the conference would feature the Egyptian Sheikh Wajdi Ghunaim, who has been banned from Canada as a Hamas-fundraiser and member of the Muslim Brotherhood, and who has a musical party piece with the refrain “No to the Jews, Descendants of Apes” .

    But then, as Dr Shaheed Satardien, another excellent imam, frequently points out, the ICCI is sympathetic to the Sunni Islamist Muslim Brotherhood, which teaches its acolytes to speak softly while infiltrating the institutions of the countries in which they live.

    The ICCI produces rhetoric about peace and love, but houses the European Council for Fatwa and Research, a fundamentalist body that opposes any modernisation of Sharia law. It is presided over and visited by Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, a nasty piece of work who defends the murder ohomosexuals and the suicide bombing of Israelis, and who has been seen on television defending his role in stirring up the controversy over the Danish cartoons that led to many deaths.

  2. The price a nation for allowing inbred mutants in and awarding them citizenship.Liberalism destroying Europe one country at a time.

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